Sajid Khan: Sajid Khan entered Bigg Boss 16 mired in allegations, Chaudhary Saab’s laundry done in 106 days?

Bigg Boss is a reality show that has been entertaining or wasting time for 16 years. But sometimes the show creates so much excitement that one feels it breaks the screen. The show made fun of love, romance, friendship and marriage. Meanwhile, this show went four steps further. The show has so far brought in controversial celebrities for TRPs. But now those who are in controversy have been brought and cleaned up. In Bigg Boss Season 16, the crew brought in a filmmaker like Sajid Khan. Surrounded by serious allegations. His show people cleaned up a lot. Oops, sorry! I mean wash the picture, now that this work is over, they bid farewell with great respect.

Sajid Khan was made the messiah

Bigg Boss has made Sajid Khan the messiah. The film of Sajid Khan, who has been sexually harassed by more than 10 actresses and journalists, has been washed away with soap by the makers today. This is nothing short of propaganda. It seems that there is no better person in the world than him when a controversial person was put on the mission of 106 and such works and talks were held against him. Bigg Boss has always rated Sajid Khan above a contestant. He was mostly seen as an operator, so he was never allowed to face any problem. Not only this, the 3-month eco task was not what Sajid Khan did. He did not do the duty of rationing. He did not do the captaincy. He also largely avoided nominations. Hey bro, you don’t want to play the show, so why did you come. To get the picture washed out…washed out. So going now. Well Bigg Boss you really played.

Got full respect from family members

Sajid Khan is the biggest star of the show. He is also a celebrity. In such a situation, it is necessary to be respected. But many celebrities have participated in the show before but none got the respect that Sajid Khan got. Soundarya Sharma felt bad when she didn’t call Sajid Khan sir. Sajid also felt bad that Priyanka Chaudhary did not say good morning to him. By the way, all the contestants gave him full respect on the show. Although not a captain, he was often seen lying in the royal chamber. Used to smoke cigarettes in public. Many times even Bigg Boss’s policy has been subverted.

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Now Bigg Boss bids farewell with lots of ‘love’

When Sajid Khan entered Bigg Boss 16, the hashtag ‘Remove Sajid Khan’ (#RemoveSajidKhan) was trending on social media. Stars from Ali Fazal to Mandana Karimi have also demanded Sajid Khan’s ouster from the show. But time passed and the tendencies against Sajid Khan were also wiped out. Now after 106 days, they are kicked out of the show on their own accord. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss showered love in abundance. People sing his praises.

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