Sachin Pilot will show strength before ‘hands down’, hold big meetings in 5 districts, know its political significance

Jaipur: The conflict between the Rajasthan Congress has not been hidden from anyone. Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot have been in a cold war for the past four years. Twice in the last three years, the party faced the possibility of a split. The state government fell and escaped. Recently, Rahul Gandhi tried to unite Gehlot and Pilot. Rahul Gandhi also succeeded in calming the atmosphere for a while but now Sachin Pilot is going to show great power again. Sachin Pilot will hold meetings in 5 districts for 5 days from January 16. They are called Kisan Conferences. The show of strength starts from Parbatsar in Nagaur district.

The pilot’s visit sparked political debate

Sachin Pilot has a different craze in the state. No matter which district the pilots go to, the crowds keep coming. People see a bright future for Rajasthan under the leadership of Pilot. There is a huge craze for Pilot especially among the youth of the state. His meetings are likely to attract large crowds. It will be held on January 16 at Parbatsar and on January 17 at Pilibanga in Hanumangarh district. Pilot meetings will be held at Gudha in Jhunjhunu district on January 18, Sadri in Pali district on January 19 and Maharaja’s College in Jaipur on January 20. Apart from the party, pilots have held meetings at this level which has started new political discussions in Rajasthan. There is talk in political circles that there is a larger motive behind Pilot’s show of force this election year.

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Pilot’s performance ahead of budget has several implications

The budget session of the Rajasthan Assembly will begin from January 23. Ahead of this, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot will review the performance of his four-year tenure on January 16 and 17. He will organize a two-day brainstorming camp to decide the strategy for the upcoming elections. Just before this, Sachin had organized a Kisan conference at his own level for Sachin Pilot, a show of strength that paved the way for new political discussions. No special attention is paid to the pilot in the government or organization at the state level. Sachin Pilot now wants to prove his strength in such a situation. They want to prove that ignoring them is fatal for the party.

Congress is gearing up for the Lok Sabha elections and will make a big push through the ‘Rajasthan Model’.

Pilot supporters can show the government a mirror at home

The MLAs who support Sachin Pilot have said many times earlier that if Sachin Pilot is not made the Chief Minister soon, the party will suffer a heavy blow. He has publicly advocated for the pilot several times in public. Pro-Pilot MLAs have been calm for the last one-and-a-half months, but the atmosphere may heat up again due to the passionate meetings of the Pilot. With the change in the ground environment, pro-pilot MLAs can corner their own government on various issues in the assembly during the budget session. Questions can also be raised about Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s style of working while besieging the government in the House. The activation of the pilot has raised the concern of the state Congress.
Report – Ramswaroop Lumroad, Jaipur

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