Republic Day: Hello Police! Bombs planted…threatened to demolish Ghaziabad railway station and behead for the cause

Ghaziabad: The strange incident unfolded in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district. False information was given about planned bomb planting at Ghaziabad railway station. As soon as the information was received, the police conducted a vigorous search at the railway station with bomb squad and dog squad. After several hours of investigation, the bomb could not be confirmed, and the informant was severely questioned. When the informer told the reason for giving such information in front of the police, the police were also stunned. The man was arrested after this.

UP 112 was called on the basis of a false information that a bomb had been planted

On the one hand, a day before January 26, the police conducted a security jam on Wednesday. A person named Harshit Dixit called UP-112 and informed about a bomb being planted on platform number 3 of the railway station. On receiving this information, the Ghaziabad police swung into action and with immediate effect bomb squad, dog squad and Ghaziabad police personnel reached the railway station and started an intensive search.

The police were shocked when they told the reason

Harshit Dixit, the informant, was severely interrogated when all aspects were checked at the railway station but could not be confirmed. During interrogation, Harshit said that he was actually a resident of Kanpur Kayastha Tola in Etawah district. About 5 years ago, he married a girl of a different religion and his family was not happy with this marriage. So he and his wife were thrown out of the house, after which he moved to Uttam Nagar area of ​​Delhi with his wife and started running his household by working as a pylon manager in a matrimonial home. But Harshit lost his job during the lockdown. On the other hand, his wife also abandoned him when he came home and even the family members did not allow him to go inside the house and after that he started living in tension.

The police arrested him for giving false information

DCP Citizen Nipun Aggarwal said that the police received information on 112 that a person had planted a bomb at the railway station. Based on this, an intensive inspection campaign has been started at the railway station taking into account all aspects. Suspicious, the police interrogated him in detail. That is why he wanted to go to jail and walked from Delhi to Ghaziabad railway station and gave false information to the police about planting a bomb. While arresting the informant, Harshit Dixit, a case was registered under Section 177 of the IPC, the DCP said.
Input-Tejesh Chauhan