Rakhi Sawant: Mother won’t bear it if she knows about her marriage with Adil… Rakhi Sawant was seen crying on the road

TV’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant is in the news these days for her wedding news. The young woman claims that she married her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani 7 months ago. In July 2022, the two were court-married and married. But on the other side there is Adil who is running away from this truth. He is also seen with Rakhi and does not say anything. In such a scenario, Rakhi Sawant’s latest video has surfaced in which she is seen crying. She cries and says that her mother will be devastated if she finds out about this.

Rakhi Sawant had recently said that her mother’s health is bad. He was admitted to the hospital and is undergoing treatment. Rakhi’s mother is currently battling a dangerous disease like brain tumor. In the conversation with the paparazzi, Rakhi said that her mother does not know about the current news on TV.

Rakhi Sawant is worried about her abused mother

Rakhi Sawant was seen in Mumbai. Meanwhile, the paparazzi talked to him. Rakhi Sawant is seen crying continuously saying that her mother will regain consciousness and she can’t bear to hear all this. Paparazzi asked what your in-laws talked to you about. Rakhi says her nieces are very nice. Adil himself asked him to accept the truth if he is married.

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Confirmed by Rakhi Sawant

In an exclusive conversation with Navbharat Times, Rakhi Sawant said that she got married 7 months ago. They have also provided evidence for this in the media. But they don’t know why Adil is silent about this. Why does he refuse? Adil also said that after 10 days everything can be said.

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