Rakhi Sawant-Adil Khan: ‘What a gimmick…’ Rakhi Sawant-Adil Khan together for the first time after marriage

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan have been in the news for the past few days. Earlier, the photos and videos of their wedding shocked everyone. After this, Rakhi, who confirmed her second marriage through her social media handle, revealed that Adil refuses to accept this marriage and won’t even talk. After this, Rakhi came in front of the paparazzi and expressed her grief. After long disputes, Adil admitted on Instagram that he is married. Now Rakhi and Adil got together in front of the paparazzi. This is the first time the two are together after marriage. Meanwhile, Adil apologized to Rakhi with folded hands. At the same time, Rakhi also showered him with a lot of love. But the general public sees all this as mere drama. They say it’s enough to pay attention.

Adil apologized with folded hands

In this video, Adil Khan Durrani teases Rakhi Sawant and says, ‘How she cried that Adil is not adopting me’. Rakhi says, ‘I will cry, any woman will cry’. Then she and Adil said Qubool Hai three times. Rakhi thanks fans, media and Bollywood. She says, ‘Today I am very happy, Adil my husband agreed. Thank you very much everyone. Rakhi also says that she doesn’t know what would have happened today if it wasn’t for the media pressure on Adil. After this she showered a lot of love on Adil. At the same time, Adil apologizes to Rakhi by holding his hand.

Rakhi Sawant-Aadil: Adil Khan Durrani first admits that Rakhi Sawant is his wife, says why he hid the marriage

Rakhi says- the name has changed but what is in it?

In this video, Rakhi Sawant says, ‘I am proud that we are married. They changed my name, what’s in it? I am Rakhi Sawant Adil Khan Durrani and Fatima Adil Khan Durrani. These paparazzi are asking him what name he should be greeted with from today. To which she says, ‘So Rakhi.’ Then Adil Khan says, ‘Iska to main naam rakhi hai na.’ Then Rakhi says, ‘Look, when you get married, there is a name from the husband’s side that must be given. So that’s a given. I am Rakhi Sawant.

Adil Khan Durrani broke his silence about his marriage with Rakhi Sawant and said this big thing

Here is the feedback from users

Rakhi Adil

User comments on Rakhi and Adil’s video

After watching this video of Rakhi and Adil (Rakhi New Video) most of the users are doing such a reaction both of them. One person wrote, ‘This gimmick has found a good way to get TRPs.’ Another user commented, ‘Attention is enough, nothing else is needed.’

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