Rakhi Sawant abortion: I was pregnant… Rakhi Sawant experienced the pain of miscarriage, revelations created a sensation

Rakhi Sawant now rules the internet. Her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani created a stir. A few days ago he surprised people by sharing all the pictures of the court wedding. Now the news that the actress is pregnant has come out. The actress’ pain spills out in her conversation with popular paparazzi viral Bhayani. The actress has made a shocking revelation. Bigg Boss said that she had told herself that she was pregnant in Marathi, but people thought it was a joke. But it is true.

In a conversation with Viral Bhayani, Rakhi Sawant said- ‘Yes bro, I was pregnant, I told about it in Bigg Boss Marathi too. But everyone thought I was joking and someone took it seriously. Rakhi Sawant also confirmed that she suffered a miscarriage during this time. She said she lost her baby. She has felt its pain. Earlier, the actress had mentioned this in a conversation with Navbharat Times.com. She had said that she was happy to marry Adil. She wanted to talk about the marriage for seven months but Adil refused. He said that everyone knows about his life. Everyone should know about the marriage in advance, even if the pregnancy takes place.

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Exclusive: Is Rakhi Sawant Pregnant? Said – Even if I am a single mother I will love my husband Adil Khan till death
Comment: Rakhi Sawant, has your drama ruined your entire game?

Rakhi Sawant spoke about her pregnancy

When Rakhi Sawant was asked about her pregnancy again, she refused to say anything. Although single parenting. She said that she would love Adil even as a mother. Will love him till his last breath. Say that she said all these things when Adil was silent about her marriage with him.

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