Priyanka Chopra: Angry users at Priyanka Chopra, actress told ‘cheater’, know what the whole thing is

Actress Priyanka Chopra has faced backlash ever since she supported the ongoing hijab controversy and protests in Iran. Priyanka Chopra was called ‘Kuzhi’ on social media. Priyanka had recently praised the courage of women in Iran who spoke out against the hijab. He also shared a note about this on his Instagram account. But this post has now caused criticism against Priyanka.

On social media, users are venting their rage against Priyanka Chopra. He says that Priyanka Chopra stands in support of everyone except Indians. He also says that Priyanka has nothing to do with what is happening and what is not happening in her own country India. One user gave the example of Bilkis Bano, saying that Priyanka’s support for women in Iran is commendable, but her silence towards marginalized women in her home country, India, along with Bilkis Bano, is appreciated. Users complain to Priyanka Chopra that they only see issues of foreign countries and nothing of their own country.

Priyanka’s post in support of Iranian women:

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Priyanka’s silence on Bilkis Bano and other issues is disturbing
During the 2002 Gujarat riots, Bilkis Bano was gang-raped and seven members of his family were killed. All the 11 accused who were serving the sentence in this case were released some time ago. Priyanka Chopra has not commented on this. Users are furious with Priyanka on this issue. This has happened many times in the past when Priyanka Chopra has been outspoken on issues outside the country and she has been targeted.

Priyanka Chopra's Tweet 2

Protests in Iran have intensified since Mahsa Amini
Protests have been going on in Iran for a long time because of the hijab. After the death of Mahsa Amini a few weeks ago, women there have intensified their protests against the government and the police. Mahsa Amini was arrested by the Iranian police for not wearing hijab properly. After this, Mehsa Amini was beaten to death in police custody. While criticizing Priyanka Chopra, filmmaker Ashok Pandit has come out in support of her.

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Director Ashok Pandit supports Priyanka
Congratulating Priyanka Chopra on his Twitter handle, Ashok Pandit wrote, ‘I appreciate Priyanka Chopra ji for supporting the protesting women after Mehsa Amini’s death, it is appreciated. You have proven once again that you have the courage to stand up to wrongdoing. I hope people from the film and TV industry can also learn something from you.

Let’s see what Priyanka Chopra has to say on this matter.

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