Political rush against Nitish begins, BJP will play with ‘three kings’ in Bihar!

Patna: BJP’s election mission 2024 Kharama Kharama is going to get approval. It too suffered from the rift in the NDA. Political insiders say that the BJP is going to form a strong alliance with the new equation in the state. And this alliance is being prepared with the aim of preparing a winning equation against the Grand Alliance. Yes… it’s a special time. Especially for BJP. That too for Bihar. Circumstances are so contradictory that every moment it seems that what will happen from what. Elections are still far away, but Bihar has not woken up this much, not for a long time. Campaign after campaign has started. BJP’s different move. Dissension within the Grand Alliance. A different move by Congress. Everyone seems to be busy working out the checkmate equation. Amidst all this, Bihar became more politically active as it became the focal point of the campaign for opposition unity.

So what a political pit is forming!

Bihar is very crucial in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. When Amit Shah says that he will come twice a month if necessary, the importance of BJP can be understood from this. Amit Shah’s electoral objective behind his visit to Bihar is clear. BJP strategists have many eyes on Bihar politics these days. Let’s see in which direction and what strategy BJP is going to implement now.

The BJP is eyeing three of the most tumultuous kings of politics to take the politics of Bihar in the direction of success. It is being discussed in the political circles that the BJP is now working to help Upendra Kushwaha, RCP Singh and Mukesh Sahni together. Somewhere these three people are angry with Nitish Kumar and he is also angry because of his lust. These three combine to form the BJP thinkers alliance. There is also talk that RCP Singh and Upendra Kushwaha are preparing a formula to join the NDA that the party should be formed first. Mukesh Sahni’s party is VIP. All these three parties should be part of NDA and talk about seat sharing. Or all three can form a party and join the NDA and divide the seats. BJP is preparing to defeat Nitish Kumar on his own soil by linking Kurmi, Kushwaha and Malla votes with NDA.

It also has an eye on the likes of Sudhakar Singh

BJP also sees such strong leaders who are riding the rebel flame. Former Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh is also under surveillance. Not only Sudhakar Singh in RJD and JDU, the leaders of the Grand Alliance are constantly telling their opponents that what these leaders are saying is BJP’s script. Earlier, Sudhir Singh has contested from BJP.

What does the analyst say?

Political observer and journalist Arun Pandey says that politics is no longer about values. Opportunistic politics rule today. That’s why any swar tattha just goes back and forth. There is no permanent friend or permanent enemy in today’s politics. As for Upendra Kushwaha and Mukesh Sahni. They have changed their faith many times so far. He broke away from Nitish Kumar and went to NCP and later formed RLSP. Mukesh Sahni is playing politics with RJD. But if he did not get the seat as per his wish, RJD was eliminated within an hour. If BJP works on these, it will help BJP form a strong alliance against Nitish Kumar. As far as RCP Singh is concerned, he is doing politics against Nitish Kumar, so he is close to BJP. But nothing is impossible. Nitish Kumar is also under a lot of pressure. If they go somewhere to BJP, BJP does not want even these three.

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