Police guilty in Shraddha’s murder! Why was Aftab not tracked even after the complaint was withdrawn?

New Delhi: Shocking things have come out in the Shraddha Walker murder case. Maharashtra Police’s role in this is under investigation. Two years ago, Shraddha had filed a complaint letter at Thulinj police station in Palghar district. Shraddha withdrawing the complaint is another matter. In this, Shraddha spoke candidly about the primitive behavior of her live-in partner, Aftab Amin Poonawalla. It was also said that Aftab will be cut into pieces if action is not taken on time. But when the settlement was reached, the Maharashtra Police was later shaken. He did not take any of the expected steps. The question arises as to why the police did not arrest Aftab even after Shraddha withdrew the complaint. Perhaps if she had done this, an innocent life would have been saved.

Questions are being raised about the Mumbai Police’s role in the Shraddha murder case. He got the point wrong. Aftab was already destroying Shraddha. Shraddha filed the first complaint in this regard on November 23, 2020. This complaint was lodged at Tullinj Police Station. Aftab was accused of assault, murder and blackmail. He had also said that if action was not taken on time, Aftab would tear him to pieces. Aftab has been beating her for six months. But due to this fear she is unable to tell anything to the police as she fears for her life. Shraddha had stated in the letter that the two were going to get married as per the wishes of Aftab’s parents. However, she does not want to live with him.

Aftab will kill me, cut me into pieces… Why no action was taken on Shraddha’s complaint 2 years ago, will investigate

The Maharashtra Police has erred at every step
The Maharashtra Police shied away from the incident saying that the investigating officer had gone to his house. However, Shraddha was not ready to investigate the matter further. The complaint was also withdrawn. It is clear that the police did not understand the seriousness of the matter. Never once did he think that Shraddha might have bowed to pressure and withdrawn her complaint. If the Maharashtra police was really serious, it would have tracked down Aftab. This is what police do in such cases.

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Many evidences of indifference
The fact that Shraddha’s father reported her daughter missing on October 6 is also proof of his indifference. But on October 10, the Manikpur police had registered a missing case in Vasa. After 20 days, on October 26, Aftab was summoned from Delhi for questioning. Had the police taken action on October 6 itself, it would have been successful. In the CCTV footage recovered by the Delhi Police on October 18, Aftab can be seen walking around with a bag at 4 am.

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