Photo cropped on fake Aadhaar card… Irfan Solanki’s lawyer sends notice to Google-Facebook

Kanpur: Police are tightening the noose against SP MLA Irfan Solanki from Kanpur, UP. A case was registered against MLA Irfan Solanki on the allegation of traveling by air using a fake Aadhaar card. The police had registered an FIR against Irfan Solanki at the Gualtoli police station. Meanwhile, MLA’s lawyer Gaurav Dixit claimed that the photo was shown in news papers and TV channels on November 12. That photo has been cropped and put on the fake Aadhaar card. The MLA’s lawyer has sent notices to Google and Facebook through the court and sought information.

There were hooligan actions against SP MLA Irfan Solanki like setting fire to a hut built on disputed land, flying with a fake Aadhaar card, giving a certificate to a Bangladeshi citizen, extorting money, occupying 400 yards of land belonging to a Morang businessman and misbehaving with the police. . In the last two months, 6 cases have been registered against Irfan Solanki. With this, the number of cases against Irfan has increased to 18.

‘Photo put on fake Aadhaar card’

Gaurav Dixit said that top officials should check the photo shown on news channels on November 12. The same photo is seen in the Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar card is recovered on December 8 and the police registers an FIR on November 26. Till November 26, the police had no such access from the airport authority and the CSF. From where can we know that out of ten IDs only Aadhaar card is shown.

Cropped photo lawyer

On investigation, the police went to the airport and asked, and were told that they can gain entry by showing any of the ten government IDs. As of November 26, police had no details on which of the ten IDs were shown. That’s why this photo went viral on November 12. Based on this photo, they crop this photo and create this kind of photo. You all must have seen that this is a fake aadhaar card photo.

Notice to Google-Facebook by court

He also said that Irfan Solanki did not have any passport size photograph. A notice will be sent to Google and Facebook by the court next week. They will be asked on which system this photo was downloaded. Irfan’s profile has been searched by people/viewers of which profile. Its details will come and the truth will come before everyone. Along with this, Aadhaar card is generated from a laptop with EMI number. This information may also be collected.

Under Section 14 of the Gangs Act

An FIR under the Gangster Act has been registered in connection with the arson incident. Section 14 of the Gangster Act has a clear provision as to the basis on which the offense creates gang. Only the property acquired from him can be confiscated and seized. Do not touch anything other than this.

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