Parveen Baby: Parveen Baby’s last day was so painful that family members didn’t even come to take the body away after the post-mortem.

The world of glamor and glitz is a very strange one. Here the rising sun is saluted and the setting sun is forgotten by all. A similar incident happened with actress Parveen Babi. The same Parveen Babi is the first Bollywood actress to grace the cover of ‘Time Magazine’. Parveen Babi is an actor who created a stir in the film world in the 70s and 80s. She was one of the highest paid actresses of her era. But it is a pity that the same actress who was adored by the film world when she was at the peak of her stardom, was forgotten in her unfortunate days. Not just the family, even Bollywood has been estranged from Parveen Babi in recent days. Even those who thought they were his were not with him. Parveen Babi died on 20 January 2005. She was 50 years old then.

January 20 is Parveen Baby’s 18th death anniversary. Baby Parveen is said to have diabetes and paranoid schizophrenia. Because of this, Parveen Baby started considering many people as enemies of his life. She saw Amitabh Bachchan and Prince Charles with the same eyes. He said those people would kill him. Parveen Baby’s condition was deteriorating day by day. It got to the point where people in the industry distanced themselves from him. Then one day suddenly I got the news of Parveen Baby’s death.

There are messenger packets outside and the dead body is inside

It’s about January 20th. Parveen Babi lived on the 7th floor of Edge Riviera Building in Juhu, Mumbai. Parveen Babi was absent from the film due to illness. and severed ties with the outside world. In such a situation, the people of Bollywood also kept a distance from Parveen. His condition worsened due to diabetes and paranoid schizophrenia. The manager of Parveen Baby’s building became suspicious when he saw milk packets and newspapers piling up outside Parveen’s flat for the past three days. The police were called immediately. The door was locked when the police arrived, and despite repeated calls, nothing happened from inside. Then when the police broke down the door and entered, everyone was stunned by the sight inside.

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A crowd gathered outside the flat

Parveen Baby’s dead body was lying on the bed. He died three days ago. Police said Parveen Baba died in his sleep. There was no sign of force on the body, so it was unlikely that someone had killed him. But when the police reached Parveen Baby’s flat, it is said that Parveen’s body was in an unrecognizable state. She was beginning to rot. A huge crowd had gathered around Parveen Baby’s building. No one could believe that Parveen baby is no more in this world.

Parveen Baby

Parveen Baby, Photo: ETimes

The body began to rot and there was gangrene in the legs.

Due to diabetes, Parveen Babi developed gangrene in one of her legs and it began to rot. A wheelchair was lying near the bed. Everything is messed up. Clothes and medicines were distributed. When I saw the condition of the room, I felt that Parveen baby was unable to walk for the past few days. He also had gangrene in his leg. That must be why he ordered a wheelchair for himself.

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This became clear in Parveen’s post-mortem

Parveen Baby’s body was immediately sent for post-mortem. An autopsy was performed at Cooper Hospital. Postmortem report found not a single particle of food in Parveen baby’s stomach. That is, the actress did not eat anything for 2-3 days before her death. She was very hungry. But alcohol was found in the body. It is reported that Parveen Baby died due to starvation and diabetes. After three days without eating or drinking, Parveen Baby’s body parts stopped working and died.

Parveen baby picture

Parveen Baby, Photo: ETimes

The family didn’t even come to pick up the body, Mahesh Bhatt helped

Look at the misery. It is said that Parveen Babi’s family did not take any information about her. Even at the hospital, no one from Parveen Baby’s family came to receive the body during or after the post-mortem. Then Mahesh Bhatt arrived and it was he who assisted in Parveen Babi’s last rites. Parveen Baby is gone, but she left behind a lot of property, which was taken under her care by the State Administrator General of Maharashtra. It was only later that some people began to lay claim to Parveen Babi’s property. They described themselves as Parveen’s distant relatives. When Parveen was alive, the family did not seek news. He did not even come to the hospital to receive the body. But later they came to take possession of the actress’s property.

Parveen Babi photo

Parveen Baby, Photo: ETimes

This is how the property was divided after Parveen Baby

The dispute over Parveen Baby’s property escalated and reached the Bombay High Court. But later the court gave judgment regarding the property of the actress. According to the verdict, Parveen Babi’s property was divided into three. 70 percent was given to the poor, 20 percent to Murad Khan Bibi, Parveen’s uncle, and 10 percent to poor Christian children. Parveen Baby was a resident of Junagadh. Apart from Mumbai, Parveen Baby also had property in Junagadh. Parveen Baby got her wish. These include furniture and jewelery from Parveen Babi’s Riviera apartment in Juhu and a haveli in Junagadh. 20 lakhs in Parveen’s bank accounts, which was also made part of the will. But as per the will, Parveen Baby’s property was used to form a trust to help the poor.

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