NT Rama Rao: NT Rama Rao was the Messiah of the film world, setting a world record by walking 40,000 km.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. Known as NT Rama Rao. the actor Filmmaker and former Chief Minister. His grandson is Jr. NTR, who is in the news these days because of RRR and ‘Natu Natu’. SS Rajamouli’s RRR leaps forward at Critics’ Choice Awards 2023 after Golden Globe Awards. Today is the death anniversary of Jr NTR’s grandfather NT Rama Rao. He was called the Messiah of the film world. Not only the entertainment world, but his political and social activism cannot be forgotten. Yes, he also has a world record to his name. Navbharat Times’ Wow Wednesday series tells all about NTRrama Rao’s family, political career and contribution to the film industry.

NT Rama Rao was born in 1923 in Karnataka. Belonged to a farming family. Born in a poor family, Rama Rao created a great legacy. Not only in reel life but also in real life common people were huge fans of him. When he was in the cinema, he gave good films one after the other. And when he took the political path, he became an example. One of the largest political parties in the country, Telugu Desam Party was formed by NT Rama Rao. He established it in 1982.

NT Rama Rao, the Messiah of Cinema

Before talking about NT Rama Rao’s political career, let’s talk about his films. Let us understand how he started his career and how he became the messiah of cinema. Rama Rao acted as an actor in more than 300 films. He also won the National Award three times. Big awards from Nandi Award to Filmfare are also under his name.

NT Rama Rao’s world record

In 1982, N.T. When Rama Rao (NT Rama Rao Guinness World Record) decided to enter politics, it was a very thoughtful decision of his. After everything was decided, the journalists were called. I said I completed 60 years. I have distributed all my properties to my sons and daughters. Now I am free from all the responsibilities of my family and now I can fulfill my social responsibility. Now freed from all responsibilities I am entering politics and want to serve the people of my beloved Andhra Pradesh. NT Rama Rao is the person who started the practice of Ratha Yatra. He traveled 40,000 kilometers in 9 months. Met different types of people and understood their problems. So his name was recorded in the ‘Guinness Book of Records’.

Film and career of NT Rama Rao


NT Rama Rao started his career with the Telugu film ‘Mana Desam’ (NT Rama Rao Filmography). This social film is directed by LV Prasad. Later in the 50s he was seen in roles like Krishnan, Karnan and Raman and got a lot of love from the public. Rama Rao is one such actor who played the role of Lord Krishna 17 times on screen. His films from ‘Mayabazaar’ to ‘Shrikrishna Arjun Dudham’ became superhits.

NT Rama Rao’s last film

He also received a lot of love when he appeared in the role of Sriram in the movie Love Kush (NT Rama Rao Movies). In 1963, the local film created a record by collecting 1 crore. Later he directed a few films. After making many names and records in films, NV Rama Rao made Srinath Kavi Sarvabhaumudu, a biography of Telugu poet Srinath. This was also his last film.

Political career of NT Rama Rao

NT Rama Rao started his political career in 1982 by founding the Telugu Desam Party. It has been considered a Congress stronghold since the formation of the state. But under his leadership, the image of the Congress was weakened and the power was established. Yes, NT Rama Rao’s party won the election and he became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the first time. Between 1983 and 1994, he became Chief Minister three times.

NT Rama Rao’s Family Tree


In 1942, at the age of 20, N.T. Rama Rao married his uncle’s daughter Basav Tarakam (wife of NT Rama Rao). They have 8 sons and 4 daughters. NTR’s wife died in 1985 and he married Telugu writer Lakshmi Parvathy in 1993 at the age of 70 (NT Rama Rao’s second marriage). It is said that NT Rama Rao’s family never allowed his second wife a place in the family or considered her as a member of the family.

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NTR’s family

NTR’s eldest son was Nandamuri Ramakrishna (son of NT Rama Rao) who died in 1996. After this, actor and politician NTR established the studio in his son’s memory. His third son, Nandamuri Sai Krishna, a theater owner, died in 2004 of a diabetes-related illness. NTR’s fourth son Nandamuri Harikrishna died in a car accident in 2018. Harikrishna, who worked as a child actor, later became a member of Rajya Sabha from TDP. Nandamuri Harikrishna’s son is Kalyan Ram and Jr. NTR (Jr. NTR’s grandfather). Both are active in Telugu cinema.

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