Nitin Gadkari was threatened by gangsters from Belagavi Jail, how did the mobile reach the barracks? Jayesh Kanta’s diary seized

Mumbai: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari received three death threats on Saturday. Not only this, the bully also demanded Rs 100 crore from him. The threatening phone call was received on the landline number of Nitin Gadkari’s public relations office in Nagpur. The Maharashtra ATS team and the Nagpur Police started an investigation as soon as they received the complaint about the threat calls. The assailant described himself as a member of the Dawood gang (underworld don Dawood Ibrahim). Now, during the police investigation, it is understood that this threatening phone call has come from Karnataka. Gadkari was threatened by Jayesh Kanta, a dangerous gangster who is lodged in a jail in Belagavi, Karnataka. The police are on alert due to threats from inside the jail. How the mobile phone reached the prisoner inside the Belgaum jail is also being investigated.

Nitin Gadkari is known as Ajatasatru in politics. That is, they have no enemies, but they have the most friendly relationship. It was not thought that someone would be threatened in such a situation. However, all these things turned out to be false. When a gangster was imprisoned in a jail, he threatened to kill him and asked for 100 crores a week.

Who is the defendant?
Jayesh Kanta is the name of the gangster who threatened Nitin Gadkari. R. is serving sentence in Belagavi Jail in Karnataka. According to the police, Gadkari was threatened from inside the jail. Jayesh Kanta is a notorious gangster. Against whom there is a case of murder. Nagpur police said Nitin Gadkari’s office was threatened using the phone inside the jail.

Threatened to kill Nitin Gadkari thrice on landline and blow up his office in the name of Dawood gang.
The diary was seized
Meanwhile, the jail authorities also seized the diary of notorious gangster Jayesh Kanta. The Nagpur police have now sought custody of the menacing gangster for further questioning. For this he should be brought to Maharashtra. The police also want to investigate how many other people have been threatened by this gang while sitting in jail. Have people brought him into the week because of these threats?

Nitin Gadkari: Security beefed up at Nitin Gadkari’s residence and office following threats
Want to find the police?
Nagpur Police wants to know why Jayesh Kanta threatened Nitin Gadkari on phone. What is the real motive behind this threat call and besides this the threat call was made at the behest of this person? How did a jailed gangster get a phone? Who delivered the phone to him in jail or did he use someone’s phone inside the jail? Apart from this, how did you get the landline number of Nitin Gadkari’s office? Nagpur Police now wants to get answers to all these questions from Kanta’s mouth.

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