Nepal plane crash video: Terrifying video of plane crash in Nepal released, Prachanda’s emergency meeting, 40 bodies recovered so far

Kathmandu: A new video of the plane crash in Nepal on Sunday has surfaced. This video shows the moments before the accident. So far 40 bodies have been recovered from the accident. It is feared that some more bodies may be recovered. Nepal Army spokesman Krishna Bhandari said there were hundreds of rescue workers at the accident site. Due to the hilly area, relief operations are facing difficulty. There are reports that five Indians also died in this accident. The footage of the incident is horrifying. No one is believed to have survived the accident.

Crashed after 20 minutes

Reports indicate that the plane crashed within 20 minutes of take off from the airport. Video clips of the pre-accident are also circulating on Twitter. This footage is from a few seconds before the accident. A video clearly shows how the plane loses balance in the air before it crashes. Then it crashes with a loud bang. The pilot is believed to have lost his balance before the crash. Immediately after the crash, the plane became a ball of fire.

An emergency meeting is underway

Local official Gurdutta Dhakal told AFP news agency that it took a lot of effort to put out the plane’s fire after the crash. According to Reuters, 15 foreign nationals were also killed in the crash, including five Indians. The flight had taken off from the capital Kathmandu to Pokhara.

The flight took off from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport. The wreck site is a forest and the river Seti Gandaki flows near it. This river passes through the old international airport of Pokhara. Following the accident, an emergency meeting was held on the part of the government, in which Prime Minister Pushpa Dahal Prachanda was also present.

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