Nepal plane crash cause: Air travel in Nepal means flying with life on palm trees, pilots also sweat, why so dangerous?

Kathmandu: A tragic accident took place in Nepal on Sunday. The plane was on its way from the capital Kathmandu to Pokhara when it crashed. A total of 72 people were on board. So far, 40 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of the passenger plane. With all the videos circulating on social media, the death toll seems likely to rise. This plane belonged to Yeti Airlines. Yeti Airlines and its subsidiary Tara Air have a long and storied history of plane crashes. This is the reason why the website does not rate any airline.

According to the website, Yeti Airlines is the parent company of Tara Air. Yeti Airlines has had four fatal crashes since 2004, including today’s ATR 72 flight. In addition to the three fatal crashes at Tara Air, five ‘non-fatal’ incidents were included. Both airlines fly in the mountainous and highly dangerous Himalayan region. Nepal is considered one of the ‘most dangerous air travel’ countries in the world. In the last 10 years there have been about 20 plane crashes in Nepal.

Mostly Tara and Yeti’s plane crash

Sunday’s crash is the 11th deadliest accident. Whether it is Tara Air or Yeti Airlines, it is important to know why traveling by air in Nepal is dangerous. Looking at the plane crashes in Nepal in the last 10 years, Tara Air and one Yeti Airlines accounted for most of the crashes. The causes of crashes are different in different accidents. Sometimes bad weather, sometimes low visibility and above all mountainous terrain make flying in Nepal dangerous. Bad weather plays the biggest role in this.

Why is flying in Nepal dangerous?

Eight of the 14 highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, are located in Nepal. Nepal also has the most dangerous airport in the world. There is a strong reason behind calling the airport located in Lukla city the most dangerous. Landing a plane on a runway carved out of rock between mountains is not easy at all. With a hill on one side of the runway and a pit on the other, a small mistake can lead to a big accident. Only highly trained and experienced pilots are allowed to land on the runway at Lukla. So flying in Nepal is not that easy.

Crashed due to technical reasons

After Sunday’s crash, an official from Nepal’s Civil Aviation Administration said weather was not behind it. Initial information is that the plane crashed due to technical reasons. Officials said they were able to tell that the flames were seen on the plane only when it was in the air. The plane crashed just 10 seconds before landing at the Pokhara airport. The actual cause of the accident is yet to be revealed.

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