Nepal plane crash: A passenger plane crashed in Nepal’s Pokhara with 72 people on board.

Kathmandu: A Yeti Air passenger plane crashed in Nepal’s Pokhara on Sunday. The plane took off from Kathmandu to Pokhara and crashed before landing. It is reported that there were a total of 72 people in the plane with four crew members. 9N ANC ATR72 aircraft crashed. Captain Kamal KC was flying the plane. Company spokesperson Sudarshan Bartula said that all efforts are ongoing to put out the fire following the plane crash.

Another plane crash happened
After the crash, the plane became a ball of fire. In such a situation, many people assume that no one is alive in this accident. The videos that come are also terrifying. Just by looking at them, you can imagine how terrible this collapse was. There are reports that some Indians also boarded this flight.

It is reported that 16 dead bodies have been recovered so far. Government security forces have been dispatched to the accident site. There is no information yet on how many people died in this accident.

Many dangerous plane crashes
According to Nepali media, such plane crashes are common in the country. Not only domestic but many times foreign flights have also been victims of accidents. Hundreds of people lost their lives in these accidents. Nepal has witnessed several dangerous plane crashes in recent years.

There have been 30 such accidents in Nepal in the last 30 years, in which many people have lost their lives. In May 2022, a Tara Airlines plane crashed in Pokhara, Nepal, killing 22 people.

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