National School of Drama students protested against the director of the institute

Who is NSD (National School of Drama) for? I will not get up until the chairman comes. You ask what are your demands and we say first everyone meet to come… Today students are agitating with such slogans in NSD where students gather to discuss new creative ideas. When we went to NSD for this report, students sitting under tarpaulins were agitating despite the rain. They want permanent artistic director and permanent faculty for their course. There should be transparency in the appointment of directors and teachers. There should be proper planning of academic schedule, academic dean should be changed and registrar should also be changed.

Guest faculty are not paid
What is the cause of these needs? In response to this question, NSD’s Student Union Academic Counselor Representative Tamilarasi says that the budget for our production (play production) has been reduced. The guest faculty who are now coming to teach us are also facing problems regarding their accommodation. Because of this, many teachers refuse to come and teach us. Meanwhile, students are being called to pay as the comers are also facing problems in paying.
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The auditorium is open to outsiders
Isha Pandey, a third year student, says that our auditorium, which we have been using for theater activities for some time, is now given to outsiders for activities. I have heard that his rent is being charged but I don’t know the truth about it. But such things hinder our academic activities. Due to this, the students say that 9 plays are yet to be produced and some practical work is left.
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Why the need to change the headmaster?
But why are the students demanding the registrar and the dean be changed? In response, he says, ‘We have spoken to the registrar and the director on these issues, we have a lot of disagreements with them and we are disappointed. Jitendra Pal Singh, a second-year student, says, “We have 17 faculties and only 6 are permanent. The incoming guest faculty also do not have a schedule yet. Any time there is a class, there is no information about it in advance. Because of this, our studies suffer greatly. Along with this, the students also accused the registrar of corruption.
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Students on hunger strike
Meanwhile, first year student Aditya Shastri is on hunger strike. He says that after the hunger strike, he called Chairman Paresh Rawal and requested him to end the hunger strike. He has promised to meet us at 11. I will be on hunger strike until he comes. We want Chairman Sahib to meet us soon and speak in front of the community to resolve the issues.
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Director says
When we spoke to Ramesh Chandra Gaur, director (additional charge) of NSD, he said, “On October 3, some first-year students boycotted the class and wanted to meet the director. I have already taken the entire week off. So on the 4th, I called the dean, registrar and everyone. Students and student union were invited to sit and talk. On October 4 at 4 o’clock we waited, but these students did not come, no message came. After this, where he was sitting, I went there with the whole team and stood up and talked about what the problem was. Even after I spoke for at least 15 minutes, he said, now there is no agenda, We will tell you when it happens. After a lot of effort he didn’t say anything so on 5th I came for my earlier planned family vacation. On 5th and 6th when Dussehra celebrations took place I came to know that a student was on fast. On 6th I asked him to meet the chairman. I spoke to chairman and on 10th I was in Delhi. He said he will come and I will meet the students at 11.
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Students do not voice their demands
But now the students say that they have not met with the chairman. When we said to tell the demand, still did not say. The chairman said that I am always available for Zoom meetings and that students can talk whenever they want. I am also willing to talk to them online but they are not. Even today they did not send their demands to us but circulated in the media. Now the artistic director needs to be appointed, so his interview is only next week. So that process has already begun. Out of these 17 there are only 5 faculty vacancies. The process is also underway. For the first time, the third demand to change the dean has been stated. Now I’m on leave, you suddenly say, remove Dean. You talk about it. As for this academic schedule, I myself made a 6 month schedule and emailed it. Then the chairman gave me time, I told him to speak on Sunday and sit all day. But he’s not talking now. None of these demands are such that even a hunger strike is necessary. There is no need to go on a hunger strike.
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The director talked about corruption
Asked about corruption in NSD, he said, ‘If you feel something is wrong, complain about it. I have taken action wherever necessary. Let us know what you think and we will act on it.

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