MUMBAI NEWS: Chehra Tera Noorani Hai… After seeing a neighborhood minor who used to sing songs, the court sent him to jail for 3 years.

Mumbai: A 43-year-old man used to harass a minor girl living in the neighborhood. He used to sing ‘Chehra Tera Noorani Hai’ whenever he saw her. The 16-year-old girl ignored the neighbor’s actions several times, but he repeatedly harassed her. After all, the girl was offended by his antics. When she and her mother were going to the police station to file a complaint against the youth, the youth stopped the girl on the way and beat the girl. The POCSO court sentenced him to three years in prison.

Refusing to show any mercy to the accused, the court said, “He being a neighbor clearly knows that the victim is a minor and studying in college.” The accused had a family and was an adult. Even considering the age difference between the accused and the victim, the act of the accused is not justified at all.

2017 incident

The case is on March 12, 2017. Around two o’clock in the afternoon, the minor girl was going to hand over the mobile phone to her mother who was at her aunt’s house nearby. The accused is a neighbor of the minor. Until a few days before the incident, he used to follow the minor and sing songs whenever he saw him. Even then he followed her song. He sang ‘Chehra Tera Noorani Hai’. When she approached her mother, she asked the accused what was his problem and why he was following her. The accused started arguing loudly with him.

The attack was on the way to the police station

The minor’s mother and aunt came out after hearing a loud noise from outside. The girl’s mother threatened to go to the police station. This is what angered the accused. He tried to stop the girl and her mother several times while they were going to the police station. Meanwhile, when the person asked, the minor was beaten. When the mother and aunt intervened, the accused beat them both. After this, the minor reached the police station and brought the police to the spot. He caught the accused.

The special judge accused the 38-year-old accused of stalking the minor and singing it to express his sexual intent.

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