More than 6 lakh 30 thousand people came to see Auto Expo 2023 and these companies were famous in this car fair.

New Delhi.
Auto Expo, the world’s largest exhibition of vehicles, has concluded. Auto Expo 2023 was held from January 13 to 18 at the Expo Center in Greater Noida, where hundreds of automobile companies participated and 6,36,743 people came to see their two-wheelers and cars. Yes, 6.40 lakh visitors have come to the Auto Expo this time, said Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) President Vinod Aggarwal. Other car companies including Maruti Suzuki, Kia Motors, MG Motor India, Toyota-Lexus, Hyundai Motors, Tata Motors, BYD and Praveg have participated and showcased their cars at the Auto Expo 2023. This time more emphasis was given to electric cars and two-wheelers.

These 5 special initiatives at the 2023 Auto Expo

The Auto Expo 2023 organized this year emphasized on 5 specific initiatives out of which the initiative focusing on road safety was ‘Surakshit Zafar’. Meanwhile, the focus was on ‘Jivic Pahal’ in biofuel vehicles. Emphasis on ‘Electrification’ for electrification of vehicles. Emphasis on vehicle recycling was the ‘Cyclicity’ initiative, and there was an attempt to emphasize gas mobility through ‘Gas Kinetics’.

MG Motor India and Toyota proved their strength at the Auto Expo

MG Motor India’s pavilion at this year’s Auto Expo was spectacular, showcasing electric cars, concept vehicles and Ice Engine powered cars. MG also launched the next generation Hector at the Auto Expo. Along with this, a car called MG Unique 7 which runs on hydrogen fuel cell was also launched. The Toyota and Lexus pavilion was spectacular and featured multiple powerful and luxury vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki Pallavian experienced huge rush

The Maruti Suzuki Pavilion witnessed the largest crowd at the 2023 Auto Expo. The Indo-Japanese company showcased SUVs like the Jimny and Franks at the 2023 Auto Expo and the pavilion was always thronged to witness it. Maruti Suzuki showcased the flex fuel power car WagonR Flex Fuel and also unveiled the EVX electric SUV.

Kia and Tata Pavilion are also good

Tata Motors has unveiled a number of exciting cars at the Auto Expo 2023, including Tata Harrier EV, Avinia EV, Curve Ice Engine SUV, Punch CNG, Ultroz ​​CNG, Ultroz ​​Racer and more. Darkened versions of Harrier and Safari were also seen. Along with this, people’s eyes are also on Tata’s heavy vehicles. This year too there were many sparkles in the pavilion of Kia Motors.

Torque Motors and Keyway Pavilion are also excellent

Pune-based company Torque Motors had a great pavilion at the Auto Expo 2023 where the company showcased the updated Kratos R and the upcoming Kratos X electric motorcycle. The pavilion with bikes from companies like Keyway, Jondis, Benelli and Morini was also noticeably crowded.

A long line of electric two-wheelers

Auto Expo 2023, the fair for cars and two-wheelers, has seen the participation of many companies manufacturing electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers and showcasing their products. These electric vehicles will be released in the coming time and multiple options will be available to the people.

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