Manish Malhotra: Inside photos of Manish Malhotra’s house where Bollywood people party

Recently, the promo of Gauri Khan’s new show ‘Dream House with Gauri Khan’ was released. In this video, she is seen designing the home of designer Manish Malhotra, Malaika Arora, Kabir Khan and Farah Khan. Meanwhile, Bollywood’s famous designer Manish Malhotra’s interior pictures were seen. His house is so luxurious and beautiful that your eyes will fly away. Let us show you the pictures of Manish Malhotra’s house.

Who is Manish Malhotra?

You can see pictures inside Manish Malhotra’s house

Manish Malhotra is not only a fashion designer but also a costume stylist, entrepreneur and filmmaker. He has been working in this field for the past decades. So far he has done costume design for many films. He also launched his own brand in 2018. He has several verticals like ‘Manish Malhotra Beauty’, ‘Manish Malhotra Jewellery’, film production, home decor etc.

Manish Malhotra is Shahrukh Khan’s neighbor

Manish Malhotra’s lavish home is located in Pali Hill, a residential area of ​​Mumbai. He is also a neighbor of many celebrities. The bungalows of Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and many more are also in their neighbourhood. He lives in this house with his mother. Often they also share pictures of their favorite house on social media.

Many boutiques have opened from Delhi to Hyderabad

You can see pictures inside Manish Malhotra’s house

Known for his lehengas, Manish Malhotra made his Bollywood debut in 1995 with the film Rangeela. Nowadays, he runs his boutique in many cities from Mumbai to Delhi and Hyderabad. According to Forbes 2019 list, their revenue is more than 230 crores from these labels. He has invested in several properties, shops and flats.

Gauri will design Manish Malhotra’s house in five hours

You can see pictures inside Manish Malhotra’s house

In the promo of ‘Dream Homes with Gauri Khan’, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Manish Malhotra claims to have built a part of his house in just five days. She assured that the designer will provide the best home decoration. Along with this, footage of Manish Malhotra’s house can also be seen.

Gauri had done the decoration earlier

You can see pictures inside Manish Malhotra’s house

Gauri Khan designed Manish Malhotra’s studio and library last year, which she shared pictures of. It is visible from the designed wardrobes to the hall.

5 storey town hall

Pali Hill has a five-storey town hall in which Manish Malhotra has converted many cozy spaces into gardens, including beautiful balconies. From the exquisite chandeliers to the dining hall where Bollywood stars often party, there are luxurious items for home decor.

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