Krishna Janmabhoomi: The hearing in the Krishna Janmabhoomi case is over today, the next hearing is on January 25

Mathura: Mathura (Mathura News) Hearing regarding Krishna Janmabhoomi hearing and Shahi Eidga Masjid was held today in District Court. The court gave its verdict after hearing the arguments of both sides. The court fixed the next date of the case on January 25 after the hearing. In today’s hearing, Muslim parties objected to Amin conducting the survey.

The Muslim side opposed the Amin inquiry report

A hearing was held in Mathura district court on Friday regarding the 13.37 acre land of Sri Krishna Janmasthan. The lawyers of Shahi Eidgah Masjid Committee and Hindu parties were present in the court. Lawyers for both parties presented their case to the judge. After hearing both the parties, the court fixed January 25 for hearing the matter.

The All India Hindu Mahasabha had submitted the application on January 18. The court also informed that the petition will be heard on January 25. Dinesh Sharma, National Treasurer of Hindu Mahasabha, gave information that prayers were offered in the court. District officials, DM, SSP, Mathura Vrindavan Mayor and CMO were also asked to be present at the Amin inquiry. At the time of the survey, the atmosphere could not be disturbed in any way and a peaceful atmosphere could be maintained. Dinesh Sharma also said that the Muslim community will throw stones during the survey.

Hearing in Case No. 839/22

Hearing was held today in case number 839/22 of Krishna Janmabhoomi Eidgah episode. The Muslim side opposed the Amin inquiry report. Advocate Shailesh Dubey presented his side for the Hindu side. After hearing both the parties, the Civil Court Senior Division III fixed January 25 for the next hearing of both the parties.

Hindu organizations filed an application in the court demanding videography along with the Amin survey. Hindu organizations say symbols of Hindu gods and goddesses are still present at the Shahi Idga Masjid, adjacent to Lord Krishna’s birthplace. The royal mosque is built on 2.65 acres of land. Shri Krishna Janmasthan had given land to the church as a lessee. Ownership belongs to Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi. (Reporting by Nirmal Rajput)

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