KBC 14: The contestants who made a living doing menial jobs earned 25 lakhs and Suraj got stuck on the question of 50 lakhs.

People are watching every episode of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 14’ with great interest. It is the most watched show in the country. In this every week contestants come and play game shows. In this, people get a good chance to earn huge money through their knowledge. A recent contestant on the show, Suraj Nair won Rs 25 Lakhs but he could not answer the question of Rs 50 Lakhs.

Do you know the answer?
Suraj Nair is on the hotseat in the latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 14. Amitabh Bachchan welcomes him and Suraj Nair tells him that he does many things for his livelihood. After this Amitabh says, ‘You who used to stand in front of shops to watch KBC, today you will see yourself on KBC’. Then the game begins. Suraj won Rs 25 lakhs. But stuck on the question of 50 lakhs. Let me show you what that question is?

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Sooraj is stuck with this question of 50 lakhs
Suraj Nair won 25 lakh rupees by answering 13 questions correctly. Sooraj was asked the 14th question for 50 lakh rupees. The question was from which Sanskrit word for animal ‘Vesar’ architecture is derived from a mixture of North and South Indian styles. It had four options a. Cow b. Squirrel c. Mule or D. Goats. Suraj did not know the answer to this question. Also, all three of his biographies ended. So decided to quit the game. The correct answer to this question is C.

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Contestants build a bridge of praise for Big B
After this, Aniket Patil sat in the hot seat. He told Big B after correctly answering the Rs 10,000 question that he dreaded watching the Bollywood superstar on KBC while watching TV. He then praised Big B’s talent and said, ‘I am always fascinated by a dialogue. Tradition, Prestige and Research. Then I saw you here and your presence calmed me down. But I am not talking about your age sir, there is no one equal to your energy. This embarrassed Big B.

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