Kabir Bedi’s birthday: Kabir Bedi’s wife Protima ran naked and made a big fuss.

January 16 is the 77th birthday of that Hindi film actor who describes himself as a seventeenth-generation descendant of Guru Nanak Dev. We are talking about actor Kabir Bedi. He was one of the popular stars of the 70s and 80s. He is one such actor who has brought honors to the country as far as Hollywood. Kabir Bedi, who entered the acting scene in 1971 with the film ‘Halchal’, is still active in the acting field. But Kabir Bedi’s personal life has been discussed more than the discussions about his film career.

Kabir Bedi had one or two marriages. There was a lot of discussion about his relationship. Kabir Bedi has also told some stories of his relationship with actress Parveen Babi in his book. But a story was also told about his first wife, Prothima Bedi. Prothima Bedi and Kabir Bedi were in an open marriage and Pooja Bedi is their daughter. Kabir Bedi was first married to Odissi dancer Protima Bedi. Kabir Bedi and Prothima got married in 1969 but divorced in 1974.

Prothima’s naked run was a publicity stunt

Kabir Bedi, in his book I Must Tell My Stories, explains why and how his marriage with Protima Bedi broke down. In this book, he said that Prothima ran naked on the Juhu beach and someone took pictures of her. Kabir Bedi also said this in an interview. In a conversation with ‘Bollywood Hungama’, Kabir Bedi said, ‘Prothima came to Malaysia and told me that I scored. Streaking someone on stage or in the street is called streaking, especially when you’re up against something. I did not understand what Protima was saying. He said he was streaking and someone clicked his pictures and published them in the magazine. She didn’t tell me the truth. It was later revealed that this was a publicity stunt for his magazine.

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This is what broke Kabir Bedi’s marriage with Protima

Kabir Bedi says that he was shocked by the incident. Everyone was shocked. At the same time Kabir Bedi was shooting for ‘Sandokan’ and got an offer for a European TV series. Kabir Bedi did not want to divert his attention from work, so he did not pay attention to the incident that day. Kabir Bedi’s continued relationship with Protima surprised everyone then. Kabir Bedi had said about this that people could not understand how a wife who ran naked on the beach could be accepted. Why didn’t I kick him out of the house? Kabir Bedi had said, ‘We live in such a time. We tried to find independence and tolerance for each other. We hoped to set an example with our open marriage. But in the end this marriage brought more anxiety and tension than freedom. That is why this marriage broke up. My kids know everything.

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Prothima changed her name and died in 1998

Protima Bedi later passed away. After his divorce from Prothima, Kabir Bedi moved on in life and got married for the third time after the second, Prothima retired in 1998 and changed her name to Prothima Gauri. In the same year, Prothima Bedi died in a landslide during her visit to Kailas Mansarovar. A few days later, his body and clothes were found.

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