Joshimath is sinking: So some areas of Joshimath have sunk up to 2 feet? The ground survey revealed shocking circumstances

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A team of the Uttarakhand Disaster Management Department recently conducted a ground survey in Joshimath to find out the cause of Bhundaso. In this survey, it was found that the badminton court and surrounding areas within Jaypee Colony have sunk more than two feet. Earlier, ISRO’s report also revealed shocking facts.


  • According to the report, some areas of Joshimath have sunk more than two feet
  • A team of Uttarakhand Disaster Management Department conducted the survey on January 5 and 6.
  • Badminton court and surrounding areas inside Jaypee Colony are the worst affected
Dehradun: Shocking news is coming out every day about the city of Joshimath in Uttarakhand. Recently, officials of the State Disaster Management Department conducted a ground survey in Joshimath. The report of this survey is shocking. Sources said that some affected areas in Joshimath have sunk to around 2.2 feet, i.e. 70 cm. ISRO’s report had also come earlier. According to a report by ISRO’s National Remote Sensing Centre, Joshimath has sunk 5.4 cm in the last 12 days. Between December 27 and January 8, satellite images show that the city of Joshimath sank by 5.4 cm. 5.4 cm fell in the city in 12 days.

According to a senior official involved in the ground survey team, a landslide of 70 cm has occurred in the badminton court and surrounding areas inside the JP Colony in Joshimath. Apart from this, the pocket of the Manohar Bag has a drop of 7 to 10 cm. Officials said changes in the land surface in Joshimath can be detected through remote sensing, but a detailed investigation is needed to find out what is happening underground. ISRO is conducting remote sensing at Joshimath, but it is proving to be largely effective in post-earthquake situations.

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Something caused the collapse: Geologist

Geologist SP Sathi said that in some parts of Joshimath, the subsidence was as much as a foot and in other areas it was down to a few inches. Something only stops when an obstacle is reached or it continues. Something has started crashing and will continue if unchecked.

Residents of Joshimath stamped the report

Residents of Joshimath have also accepted the report of the disaster management team. Durga Prasad Saklani, a resident of the area, said that his room was over a foot deep, while the recovery room had sunk by 2 feet. The rooms and the verandah fell and the whole house became uninhabitable. Similarly, Chirag Prajapati, caretaker of a hotel, said that his hotel had sunk by about 6 inches in the last 15 days. The building behind also leans towards their hotel.

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The ground survey of Joshimath was conducted on January 5.
On January 5-6, a field survey was conducted by an eight-member team under the leadership of Uttarakhand Disaster Management Secretary Ranjit Sinha. According to the report of this team, the waterlogging has increased after the water main burst in JP Colony on the night of January 2. The report also states that some subterranean voids, which can be seen as sinkholes at various places above and below the colony, may have been created by the flow of water. This caused several large cracks over a meter deep.

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