Jai Shriram was beaten up in the train by asking him to call… Both the accused will be arrested and a case will be registered

Moradabad: A case of thrashing with a belt for not chanting religious slogans came to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad. The incident happened while traveling by train. After the video of the incident went viral, a case was registered against the accused. Preparations are in progress to arrest both the accused. The action comes after a video surfaced of a Moradabad brass merchant being beaten with a belt on the Padmaavat Express train. Another FIR was registered on Friday night, hours after the video went viral. The accused have been charged with serious charges. On Thursday night, Asim Hussain was beaten up by youths who had boarded the Padmaavat Express between Hapur and Moradabad. Misbehaved. They were asked to chant Jai Shri Ram. When he refused, he stripped her and beat her with a belt. A passenger rescued them from the accused when the train slowed down at Moradabad Outer. Bareilly GRP had earlier challenged two accused for disturbing the peace.

Moradabad GRP SP Aparna Gupta said the FIR was registered on the victim’s application. The matter is being investigated. The deceased Asim Hussain is a native of Mohalla Peersada under Katghar Police Station in Moradabad. He is a brass merchant. Azim told the police that he had boarded the Padmaavat Express from Delhi to Moradabad on Thursday night. Some boys boarded that train from Hapur. He pushed and pushed. Grabbed my chin and pulled. The thieves started saying. After beating them, he asked them to chant Jai Shri Ram slogans. I was stripped of my clothes for refusing to raise slogans. 2200 was also taken. Beat hard with a leather belt. Neither passenger helped.

In the complaint, Asim says that when the speed of the train slowed down, another passenger let me down to save him. SP GRP Moradabad Aparna Gupta said that the GRP escort running Padmavat Express reached that bogie on Thursday night after getting information. The victim was not found there. It was reported that the plane had landed at Moradabad. Two boys named Suraj from Pratapgarh and Satish from Rae Bareli were arrested for allegedly committing violence in a running train. Both were handed over to GRP at Bareilly Junction.

After receiving no complaint, the Bareilly GRP granted bail to both of them after charging them with breach of peace. Now they are preparing to arrest both of them. SP Aparna Gupta said that the FIR was registered based on the tahrir given by the victim at the Moradabad GRP station on Friday night. The accused will be re-arrested and interrogated. Meanwhile, the SP says that the reason behind the assault of the arrested Satish and Suraj on the Bareilly GRP was due to Asim Hussain’s indecent behavior in the train.

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