Jagadanand resigns: Talk of Jagadanand Singh’s resignation, RJD’s family busy in persuasion, what Lalu Yadav will do

Patna: First the moderation of the tongue and then the resignation of his son Sudhakar Singh was enough to upset a father and a leader. As soon as he leaves the party office, he has to face questions from journalists from above. Perhaps RJD state president Jagadanand Singh must have felt enough. The resignation of RJD state president Jagadanand Singh is a matter of discussion. It is also said that after the resignation, the entire ranks of the RJD were active in trying to woo Jagada Babu. Because the RJD does not want to allow internal resentment to grow further after coming to power.

Jagadanand Singh’s resignation discussion
Sources close to the NBT Bihar team had confirmed early last year that Jagadanand Singh had also sent his resignation letter to party president Lalu Prasad Yadav at that time. According to our source, Jagadanand Singh is currently 80 years old and does not want to continue as president in the party due to health reasons. Although he is already the National Vice President, he will continue in this capacity in the future. At the time, a health source said the reason for Jagada Babu’s resignation was:
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Resigned even after 2020 election results- sources
In 2021, in the 2020 elections, when the RJD lost the elections after coming to power, at the same time the source had given NBT Bihar a big information that Jagada Babu wanted to resign. But then it was said that this would send a wrong message to the people. Then Jagadanand Singh stopped. Our source says that when Jagadanand Singh was made RJD state president, he made it a condition that he would remain in the post for only one year. In such a situation his resignation is neither sudden nor a big deal. He had already decided this. However, his party was suspended for the remainder of the election. Read our news below
Bihar Politics: RJD state president Jagadanand Singh resigns – party sources involved in damage control

What will happen now?
Last year’s speech, thought and equation were completely different. In 2021, the war of words between Jagadanand Singh and Tej Pratap also intensified. But when Lalu Tej explained to Pratap the importance of senior leaders in the party, he calmed down. But this time the rhetoric was first curbed and then his son Sudhakar Singh resigned as Agriculture Minister, Jagdababu will not stay this time if the talks are true.

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