Jacqueline Fernandez: Jacqueline’s many revelations about Sukesh – He made my life hell, Jayalalitha aunty says

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has been in trouble for months in the Rs 200 crore embezzlement case involving Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Instead of reducing their difficulties, they increased. Jacqueline had already testified in this matter too and now had to appear in court again. Jacqueline told a Delhi court on Wednesday that Sukesh played with her emotions and made her life hell. In the ongoing case in the Patiala House Court, she claimed that Sukesh told her that Sukesh was taking her for a ride while her accomplice Pinky Irani posed as a government official.

Jacqueline said in court!

According to Jacqueline Fernandez’s statement, she introduced herself as the owner of Sun TV, (late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister) J. Jayalalithaa was his maternal sister. He said, ‘Chandrasekhar (Sukesh Chandrasekhar) said that he is a big fan and that I want to do films in South India as well and as the owner of Sun TV he has many projects. We should try to work together in South films.

Nora Fatehi defamation case: Nora Fatehi’s defamation case against Jacqueline Fernandez will be heard on January 21!

Sukesh ruined her life – Jacqueline

Sukesh misled me, ruined my career and life, said Jacqueline. I later learned that he was arrested by senior officials of the home and law ministries. They claim that they came to know his real name when they came to know about his criminal activities. Jaitlin said he was being cheated because he never disclosed about Irani.

Jacqueline Fernandez bail: Will Jacqueline Fernandez go to jail or get bail? The bail application will be decided on Friday

Pinky didn’t say anything either

He also said that Pinky Irani knew about Chandrasekhar. But he never told me about it. On January 16, the same court had issued a notice to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Jacqueline’s application seeking permission to travel to Dubai after January 27 for professional work. He demanded an urgent hearing. The court therefore listed the case for further hearing on January 25. Jacqueline had tried to travel abroad in December last year to visit her ailing mother in Bahrain. However, as the court was not ready to allow foreign travel, it was withdrawn.

Jacqueline: Jacqueline Fernandez reached Delhi in the 200 crore fraud case, the actress is relieved for so many days.

How many people did Sukesh cheat?

Chandrasekhar is accused of extorting money from politicians, celebrities and businessmen. He extorted Rs 200 crores from Aditi Singh, wife of ex-pharma company Ranbaxy owner Shivinder Mohan Singh. Jacqueline was sent expensive gifts while booking a chartered flight from Mumbai to Chennai during her bail period. Also, according to the ED, the fraudster is suspected to have sent a large portion of the extortion interest from Singh to him.

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