Is Britain deliberately not ending uproar against India? Pak love is the reason!

New Delhi: The Hindu-Muslim conflict has now reached Britain. The latest violence has its roots in the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan. Since then, tension between the two communities has existed in East Britain’s Leicester Tensions. There has even been talk of vandalism and desecration of Hindu religious symbols at a place of worship. Pakistan lost to India in the Asia Cup held on August 28. It is only after that that incidents of violence and conflict emerge. On September 6, Pakistani Muslims attacked Hindus in the city. After that this cycle continues. It is another matter that Britain is sitting idly by despite all the uproar against India. In the viral videos, you can see the altercation taking place in the presence of the police. However, she does nothing in particular to stop them. India strongly condemned the indecency against the Indian community in Leicester. Why is Britain silent?

The Indian Embassy in London reacted strongly to the violence against Indians in Leicester. It said the vandalism of Hindu symbols and places of worship in the city was condemnable. The matter has been discussed with the UK authorities. The meeting demanded immediate action against those involved in these attacks. The issue of providing security to Indians has also come up.

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Former External Affairs Secretary Kanwal Sibal has also expressed his opinion in this regard. He said that this indecent behavior took place in the presence of the policemen. The statements of the local police seem evasive. He expressed happiness at the response of the Indian Embassy. They say the British authorities are tolerating anti-India demonstrations. This is the result.

Exemption for demonstrations against India in Britain!
There were reports of anti-India demonstrations in Britain earlier as well. Protests are going on in Britain over the Kashmir issue. Demonstrations against India in support of Khalistan have been allowed. Last year, in front of the Indian High Commission in London, Pakistanis had called for a black day on the Kashmir issue. It turned out to be a flop show. However, the UK government did not try to stop this. Likewise, demonstrations in support of Khalistan did not stop. Britain’s attitude towards such demonstrations has been seen as wavering. Same thing as last month. When India celebrated its independence on 15th August. Demonstrations were held at various places across Britain for Kashmir’s independence and the demand for Khalistan. Anti-India slogans were raised during these demonstrations. There were allegations of human rights violations in Kashmir.

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Britain wants India’s cooperation on all issues. But he does not appear to do so when his turn comes. He is also raising the Kashmir issue in his Parliament. Many MPs sympathize with Pakistan on this. And Britain forgets that it is Pakistan that has been putting dust in their and America’s eyes for years. NATO forces could not defeat the Taliban because of Pakistan’s dual policy in Afghanistan.

How did the violence start in Leicester?
India defeated Pakistan in the Asia Cup match on August 28. While the Indian community was celebrating it, a group of Pakistani Muslims attacked them. There was an uproar in Leicester. A week later, on September 4, there was an attack on Hindus. Pakistanis have also targeted Hindu symbols. On the contrary, there is an attempt to portray Hindus as aggressors in the media.

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