Iran execution: Did MI6 spy work for Iran’s defense ministry? The British citizen was hanged

Tehran: Iran announced on Saturday that it had killed an Iranian-British citizen with dual citizenship who worked for the Ministry of Defence. Iran’s decision to execute an Iranian-British national amid nationwide protests has drawn international criticism. Ali Raza Akbari’s death sentence was announced by the ‘Meezan’ news agency related to the Iranian judiciary. It is not known when he hanged himself.

But the information is that he hanged himself a few days ago. Iran accused Akbari of espionage without presenting evidence that he was a spy for Britain’s MI-6 intelligence agency. Iran airs ‘edited’ video of Akbari Social activists termed the video as a forced confession. On Friday, US State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel criticized Akbari’s execution.

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‘Torture in custody’

The charges against ‘Ali Raza Akbari and his execution were politically motivated. He was hanged unjustly. We are deeply troubled by reports that Akbari was drugged in custody, tortured in custody, interrogated for thousands of hours and forced to give false statements. “Iran’s practice of arbitrary and unjust detention, forced confessions and politically motivated executions is completely unacceptable and must stop,” Patel said.

Many protesters were hanged

This is not the first time executions have been carried out in Iran recently. Last month, a 23-year-old man was hanged for taking part in anti-government protests in Iran. The speech of the man hanging from the noose became the talk of the whole world. He requested people not to read Quran at his grave. The young man had said that no one should mourn his death. After the death of a young woman in police custody in September last year, protests are strong in Iran. The police have so far hanged many protesters.

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