Interview: Where do the weird characters on Cyrus’ shows come from? Comedian narrated the funny story of Matra-Kulcha

Actor Cyrus Sahukar, who started his career as an anchor on MTV, has appeared in several films and web series. Now he is going to launch his new show ‘It Happens Only in India’. In this interview, he candidly talks to us about his career, shows, personal life and life in Delhi.

How different is hosting an entertainment program and on the other hand hosting a new genre show?
Talking about a show like ‘It Happens Only in India’, being the host of such a show is very difficult. There’s a lot of traveling around the country and it’s very difficult because we’re looking for different kinds of stories. As we had a film schedule in the North East. There is a cave somewhere in the forest four hours north east of Shillong where we have to shoot. For that you have to get up at 4 am and reach there. Since it was dark at 4:30 in the evening, we could not shoot outdoors later. Somewhere it wears you down physically. So it’s very difficult. But it also has its own fun.

But you are passionate about acting, so how do you fulfill your hunger for acting?
There has been a lot of interesting work over the past few years. I had written and acted in the movie Kadak with Rajat Kapoor. Remember the Malhotra series on OTT, its season 2 came recently. In addition, I did a series of potlucks. Its season two will only arrive in January. I also did Kaun Banega Shekharvati with Nikhil Advani which featured actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Kritika Kamra, Soha Ali Khan and Raghuveer Yadav. Now I have shot another project called Jumbo which is being produced by Kabir Khan Productions. So I am currently looking for acting, I want to do a good job. OTT has a good opportunity as stories that cannot be made into movies are turned into serials on OTT.

It’s been 8 months since marriage, how much life has changed? What can you learn from your wife?
My wife feels I should pursue more interesting work. I am trying the same. Married life is also very interesting because it brings some changes in your life as well. You will become more responsible. I think you have a lot to learn even in married life. Some you are comfortable with, some things need to be learned. My wife is from National School of Design (NID). They think that every person should research well, read about things, go anywhere and start my schooling. So I slowly learn from him to do every job with hard work and dedication. Trying to learn something different from where I come from.

You are going to be seen in a new show, can you tell us about your show?
Our upcoming show ‘It Happens Only in India’ on National Geographic Channel unearths and brings to the fore inspiring, cultural, surprising or unseen stories from across the country. We can understand what kind of colors are there in our country. In this, bring out the full details only after investigation. As in the story of man, he has done the work of saving wasted water. I think he saved 20 million liters of water. On Saturdays and Sundays, plumbers will go to leaky areas.

You said in an interview that competition has become more in OTT?

Yes, I said it, there is absolutely too much competition. I was asked what advice you would like to give, so I said that in response to this question. I don’t think any industry is as competitive in today’s era as it is in OTT. Mumbai is visited by thousands of aspiring actors and actresses. I think it has doubled in the last five years. So if you want to enter this profession, you must be mentally strong. It’s what you do today that matters, not what you’ve done or how long it’s been. There is work here but there are crores of people for it.

You are also associated with Delhi, what do you like most about Delhi?
My childhood friends are from Delhi and still keep in touch with them. I am very happy to be born and brought up in Delhi. Because Delhi was different when I was born in 1981. As children, we used to walk a lot on the streets of Delhi, sit for long under the shade of trees and enjoy chole-kulcha. I love my childhood because things were so simple and your priorities were like that. We four friends sat and thought that if we brought five rupees each, we would drink four glasses of almond milk for twenty rupees. We used to buy almond milk and chickpeas and eat Anupam sweets. I love Delhi so much that I along with three of my friends started a takeaway restaurant in Mumbai where we started selling Delhi Matra-Kulcha. 70% of the weird characters I found were related to Delhi. People of Delhi are very eccentric and politically minded. When I was in Delhi, if I took a Himachal Roadways bus ticket from Delhi for Rs 20-25, I could reach Himachal in 10-12 hours. I have been traveling by blue line bus number 540 in Delhi for many years.

What was the most difficult part of your journey?
The round can be divided into several parts. For example, my first three years in Mumbai were very difficult. I was 18 and knew nothing about how to find a house in Mumbai and how to save money. I am the one who brought 8-9 thousand from my earnings and worked for MTV. Those times were very challenging. I think there was a time about eight-nine years ago when I was confused about what to do because I had given my 10 years to MTV and during that time I had also done several films. And he wondered what I should do with my life. I feel like my life is like a game of snakes and ladders. Sometimes it feels like everything is going well right now, doing a good job, and suddenly when you get to number 99 you get something else and it lets you down. Then you go up too, and so it goes on.

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