Instagram Down: While many users have trouble running Instagram, Twitter is full of funny posts and memes.

New Delhi: Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform Instagram has entered the scene. On Thursday evening, several users reported having trouble running Instagram. Downdetector, which provides real-time information on websites and services, has also confirmed this. Several users complained that Instagram was down around 10pm on Thursday. Along with this, as usual, users started discussing Instagram on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Users started confirming to each other on Twitter that Instagram was down. With this, the Instagram down hashtag started trending on Twitter. Many interesting posts and memes about Instagram have been shared by users on Twitter.

Users encountered this problem
When the problem occurred on Instagram, many users switched off their mobile phones and restarted them. Some users uninstalled and reinstalled Instagram. Still he had trouble running Instagram. Some users said they had trouble making a reel on Insta. Following this, many memes were shared by users on Twitter. Let’s look at some.

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