India of Mohan Bhagwat’s dreams

Avadhesh Kumar

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s sarsangchalak Mohan Bhagwat was the only part of the interview given to ‘Panchajanya’ in which he said that Muslims should not be afraid. But they must come out of the mindset of considering themselves as rulers. According to the Sanatan mindset of India, the Sangam speaks of one nation, one nation and accordingly maintains the opinion of various religions and sects. Bhagwat’s answer only means that all should think and act as children of India, coming out of religion, creed, caste and worship, and consider themselves separate.

Unity in diversity

Bhagwat’s interview needs to be seen in its entirety, not just a few lines of it:

  • About Hinduism, the Sangh leader said, ‘Hindu is our identity, nationality and tendency. But mine is right and yours is wrong, it’s not. Yours is good in your place, mine is good in my place. Why fight, let’s go together. Tendency to include everyone, treating everyone as one’s own. This is Hinduism. What is a more practical formula for unity in discord and unity in diversity?
  • His comment on opponents makes the same point. He says, ‘We came out facing the opposition, but don’t be anyone’s opponent. Whatever the situation may be, we should not be against anyone and find a way keeping this direction in mind. As opposition to the group continues, volunteers and supporters react violently and barricade in place. He instructed to remove this feeling. Where is the hate and destruction in this?
  • Yes, he said of the antagonists who had trouble due to the awakening of the Hindus, and they howled. But instead of getting caught up in it, we can all work together. ‘The awakened Hindu community will see this too, and whatever path is found, all will walk together.’
  • Sarsangchalak’s words are like guidelines for volunteers and affiliated organizations. Instructing them to work together and educating them to eliminate their opponents will not do.

Future of India

The group has entered its 98th year and continues to evolve in the form of its own, separate organizations, so much so because of the similarity between its words and actions. Now let’s come to the future of India. He believes that India’s future is bright but our own responsibilities are great. A fear is also created that Hindus will migrate from place to place. Hindus had to migrate from many parts of India over the centuries. In this context he said several things:

  1. First, it is not a situation where someone is taking away our political freedom.
  2. Secondly, Hindu will stay in this country, Hindu will not go. Now it is confirmed.
  3. Thirdly, there has been a widespread awakening among the Hindus. Because of textbooks and environment, we suffer from inferiority complex related to the religion, culture and history of the country. As the truth came, people’s confidence increased.
  4. Fourth, with the help of this confidence, we must win the internal struggle and present the solution that we have.

Welfare of all

Bhagwat says that Hindu society has been fighting foreigners, foreign influences and foreign conspiracies for about a thousand years. It is natural to be determined to fight. But the purpose of war is not to destroy anyone, but to gain something for oneself. It is in this context that he says: desperation: nirma: bhutva, yudhsva vigat-jvara: ie, giving up hope and desire, the sense of ‘I’, ‘mine’, fight free from your fever. Mamakar He believes that not everyone can do this, but he must be awake because the goal of our war is the welfare of all. Struggle and construction should go hand in hand. Along with theory, a framework for practice is also needed. Bhagwat says:

  • Today we are in a position of strength, so we must talk about it. What does this mean? That is, on the basis of Hinduism, what we envision for the individual, society, nation and the world, we must strengthen people’s faith by acting accordingly.
  • One of the main goals of India is self-reliance. Self-reliance is not what is commonly understood. It means providing a different path that guarantees security and future along with physical happiness and creates contentment and peace.
  • We must understand our soul and create new creations based on it. We must think completely free from the colonial mindset.

Bhagwat has been making such statements frequently for the past few years, due to which the Swayamsevaks and affiliated organizations spread across the country and the world, and the general Hindu community, are aware. He has also raised his voice against extremist statements in the name of Hinduism. In 2018, he presented the entire group’s views and answered questions related to it at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. His latest interview will again be seen as an indicator of the future.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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