Ignite launches another great helmet, equipped with airplane and supercar airflow systems, see price

New Delhi.
Ignyte IGN 7 ECE 22.06 Helmet Price Specifications:
Homegrown premium helmet and riding gear manufacturer Ignite has launched a new helmet IGN-7 ECE 22.06, which is the only Indian helmet certified by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) 22.06 homologation. The most important thing about this new helmet model of Ignite is that it is the first helmet made in India by an Indian brand that conforms to the ESE 22.06 homologation standard. It also includes the NACA airflow system used in airplanes and supercars.

See the price
The IGN-7 ECE 22.06 Monocolor helmet starts at Rs 6199. Along with this, the decal variant is available in medium (580mm), large (600mm) and XL (610mm) sizes at an MRP of Rs 6499. Now talking about the features of this premium Ignite helmet, it has dual NACA inlets on the top of the shield, which helps to allow a large amount of air inside the helmet, freshening its interior and reducing humidity. Also, the NACA outlet at the back of this new helmet helps to quickly release the air inside with little or no friction.

Loads of security features
Coming to the safety features of the IGN-7 ECE 22.06 helmet, it is made of 9 parts EPS which combines multiple layers of EPS with multiple densities to give the rider ultimate protection from impact. All-round protection with cheek and chin guard EPS makes this a robust helmet with protection across multiple impact points. The previous ECE 22.05 standard had 5 impact points on which tests were performed, and in 22.06 they were increased to 18. Another feature of this helmet is that this helmet has a factory fitted Pinlock 70 anti-fog lens with excellent coverage on the visor. The IGN-7 ECE 22.06 visor is also ECE 22.06 certified. This helmet is designed by the Italian design team and has undergone a lot of research, development and testing.

Ignyte IGN 7 ECE Helmet - 2206 Safety Features

All tests conducted in the lab of the IGN-7 ECE 22.06 helmet conform to international standards. This IGN-7 ECE 22.06 helmet has E3 22.06 certification, which means it is certified by Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. E3 is the strongest certification among all European commissions, as their representative visits the helmet plant and gives approval after testing the plant and production. Although the DOT FMVSS No. 218 is a self-certified standard for certification, the helmet is sent to a third-party lab in the United States of America to ensure that the helmet meets all specified standards. The IGN-7 is the brainchild of Kashish Kapoor, director of Ignite Helmets. We are pleased to introduce the IGN-7 ECE 22.06 helmet, which not only meets all international safety standards but is also a technological marvel as it uses the best NACA duct technology, says Kashish Kapoor.

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