I want to make such an India where a gas cylinder is available for Rs 500…Rahul Gandhi’s message to the public

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said the country’s diversity is being used by some ‘separatist forces’ against the countrymen, but the ‘politics of hate’ will not last long. He clarified this in a letter distributed among Congress people as Rahul Gandhi’s message called ‘Hat Se Haat Jodo Abhiyan’. The Congress will start campaigning on January 26 as a continuation of the two-month-long ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. In this letter addressed to the public, Rahul Gandhi claimed, ‘Today our diversity is at risk… One religion is fighting another religion, one caste is fighting another caste, another language is fighting another caste, another language and one state.

These divisive forces know that only by creating insecurity and fear in the hearts of the people can they sow the seeds of hatred in society. But after this visit, I believe that the politics of hate has its limits and cannot continue for long. Referring to issues related to economic crisis, inflation, unemployment and farmers, Rahul Gandhi said in the letter that he will fight against these evils every day from Parliament to the road.

“I am determined to make an India where every Indian has social happiness and economic prosperity, employment for youth, fair price for farmers for their crops and promotion of small and medium industries,” the Congress leader said. -Petrol should be cheap, rupee should be strong against dollar, gas cylinder should not cost more than 500 rupees.

Rahul Gandhi said that every Indian today realizes that mutual hatred and quarrels are an obstacle to the development of our country. I have full faith that we all can rise above the differences of caste, religion, region and language which create evil in society. Our identity as ‘unity in diversity’ is our glory. This is my message to you all. He exhorted the people: ‘Fear not! Remove fear from your heart and hate will automatically end from our society.

The former Congress president said that this visit has given new strength to fight for all of you. This trip was a penance for me. This journey has taught me that in the fight for rights, the weak should be shielded, and the voice of those whose voice is medicine should be raised.

Party General Secretary Jairam Ramesh told reporters on the sidelines of the ‘Hands to Hand’ programme, ‘This is an extension of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. Under this campaign, we will tell the message of Yatra in political language. Congress workers will hand over Rahul Gandhi’s letter and an indictment on the Modi government’s failures to every family in the country. He said that we will reach 2.5 lakh panchayats, 6 lakh villages and more than 10 lakh polling stations in the country. We will try to contact every house.

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