Greater Noida: The lift got stuck between two floors at SL Tower in Greater Noida and students were evacuated by breaking the door.

Greater Noida: In Greater Noida, adjacent to Delhi, there have been countless incidents of lifts breaking down and people getting trapped due to lack of proper maintenance. The latest case is the SL Tower in the commercial belt located in the Beta-2 police station area of ​​Greater Noida. Here more than 10 students got stuck in the lift and the lift stopped between two floors. As soon as the information was received, there was a conflict. On getting the information, the police team reached the spot and called the men of the maintenance department and opened the doors of the lift. After this all the students were taken out one by one. Meanwhile, the students were stuck in the lift for half an hour.

More than 10 students were coming down from the lift at SL Tower located in the commercial belt on Friday evening when suddenly the lift stopped between two floors and the students were trapped in the lift. In the meantime, the police team also reached the spot after getting the information that the lift was damaged. Residents of the society say that the students were on holiday. After more students got into the lift, the lift stopped and they got stuck in the lift. The lift was stuck for half an hour.

In Greater Noida, in the last 6 months, there have been incidents of lift malfunctions and people getting trapped in lifts at more than six places. People say that such accidents are due to lack of lift maintenance. People want maintenance of lift to be done from time to time.
Report – Manish Singh

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