Grandmother spoke to birds, created a world of native and exotic birds… Meet this bird lover from Shahjahanpur

Shahjahanpur: Bird lovers are the talk of the town in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur. Bird lover Pankaj Batam has created a sanctuary for native and foreign birds that attracts many people. Batham got this inspiration from his grandmother. He had a special relationship with birds. She used to pet birds and talk to them often. Pankaj says grandmother Sumathi Devi Batam used to raise sparrows when we were young. She used to talk to him and now after the death of her grandmother, I have carried on this hobby of hers. A world of 28 species of exotic and hundreds of other native birds is housed in his four-acre farmhouse in Mohammadpur.

Pankaj Batam says that Lady Amaranta (Malaysia), Ringnet (Poland), Yokohama (Vietnam), Silky (USA) and White Cap (Holland) are some of the exotic birds he keeps in his farmhouse. Apart from this there are Kadaknath breed of chicken and Masakali breed of pigeons. Botham said the nests are made for these birds to get enough air. From time to time, vitamins and antibiotic powders are given to the birds so that they remain healthy. Pankaj said that before eating I myself go around my farm house. I see if any bird is not well. He said that two employees have been appointed for this purpose who provide food and water to the birds. They also watch to see if any birds are sick.

Exotic birds can be found online

Pankaj Batam said that foreign species of birds are obtained through online media. These birds come to Kerala for migration from abroad. Then he will be taken to Lucknow by train. From there they bring these birds. He said that a foreign bird would cost around Rs 25,000. Batam’s farmhouse had Muskali pigeons seen in the movie ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. These pigeons dance like peacocks. Its length is six inches. Apart from this, there is also a three-inch tall Australian parrot. Batam said hundreds of birds visit his house every day at 9 am. He claimed that the birds were not poached in a few square kilometers of the farm. Pankaj also claimed to have rescued many birds from sellers.

Ability to adapt to climate

Dr. Ramesh Chandra, Professor of Zoology, Swami Sukhdevanand College, said that the behavior of foreign species of birds is different. They adapt to the climate in which they live. About 100 students of our college along with their teachers went to the farm house in Batam to see exotic birds, said Shail Saxena, principal of a private college. Saxena said the information she received about the birds was encouraging.

Until 1993, Siberian birds lived in Shahjahanpur’s Bahadurpur area, said Dheeraj Rastogi of an organization working on animals and birds (Prithvi). However, due to the construction going on there, the arrival of such birds has stopped. He said that Siberian birds are also not coming to the district as the ponds and backwaters in the district have dried up.

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