Give me a body! ‘Two-headed’ fish entangled in fisherman’s net, video leaves people stunned

Washington: A video of a strange carp fish is being shared more and more on social media. Twitter users who saw the video said the fish had two mouths and two eyes. At the same time, many call the fish derived from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster during the era of the Soviet Union. Because the lakes near Chernobyl were dead. Looking at the video, scientists are unable to say for sure whether this fish is due to any pollution or not. He says that a test will have to be done to find out.

Despite having two faces, the carp is perfectly healthy and developed. In such a case, experts assume that pollution is not the reason behind this happening, because if it had happened, the fish would have already died. Dr Timothy Musso, a biologist at the University of South Carolina in the US, says, ‘Most radiation-induced mutations are growth arrests. It also reduces the ability to survive and reproduce.

What scientists say
Prof. Such mutations don’t last long, Musso says. Most are slow and incompetent and more likely to be killed by an animal or human in this situation. Prof. Musso also studied at Chernobyl. He said that the exact information about what went wrong with the fish can only be known through experiments. Moreover, not just one fish, but hundreds and thousands of fish will be used separately. Nothing can be said without experiments.
Another wonder of NASA’s James Webb Telescope, the photo of Mars, this is what the red planet looked like.What the user said on social media
When watching the video, the fish appears to have two mouths and four eyes. However, some scientists and social media users say that the mouth and mouth are actually a wound that has dried up incorrectly. Meanwhile, regarding the eyes, he says that these are the noses of fish. In Asian carp, the nose is built above their mouth. However, despite this, people continued to speculate on social media.

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