Delhi Weather Update: Time to say goodbye… Monsoon returns to Delhi without rain

New Delhi: Monsoon is likely to leave the capital by the end of September. The usual date for onset of monsoon is 20 September. However, there is no chance of rain in the capital till the onset of monsoon. Thunderstorm activity is likely on September 25 and 26. According to Skymet Weather, Monsoon will start setting in after this. It has been completely dry weather in the capital for two days. The maximum temperature on Sunday was 34.6 degrees, according to the Meteorological Centre. This is normal. The minimum temperature was 23.8 degrees Celsius, one degree below normal. Air humidity ranges from 56 to 96 percent.

Monday will be partly cloudy. The maximum temperature will be around 34 degrees and the minimum temperature will be around 24 degrees. According to the forecast, the weather will be completely dry till September 24. During this time, the maximum temperature can be between 33 to 34 degrees and the minimum temperature can be between 23 to 24 degrees. According to Skymet Weather, the week starting from Monday will be dry. Wind will be west and northwest. Due to this, the moisture content will decrease. Due to bright sunshine, the maximum temperature may rise slightly, but due to low humidity, people will not have much problem.

Two days ago the capital got a chance to breathe fresh air. Now the air in the capital is getting polluted. AQI rose from 47 in 48 hours to 119 on Sunday. At three places in the capital, the atmosphere reached bad levels. According to the forecast of various agencies, there will not be much change in terms of pollution now. Measures to control dust should be initiated in the capital. Dust is the cause of pollution during this time.

Grapes will be implemented in Delhi NCR as well from October 1. In such a situation, CPCB, DPCC and other agencies are trying their best to prevent pollution from worsening before implementation of GRAP. According to CPCB’s air bulletin, the AQI in the capital rose to normal levels on Sunday. 119 recorded. On the other hand, AQI is 145 in Faridabad, 92 in Ghaziabad, 76 in Greater Noida, 99 in Gurugram and 81 in Noida. AQI is 220 in Nehru Nagar, 245 in Patparganj and 251 in Anand Vihar. Pollution levels remained poor in all three places. Who is there? Off. Puram recorded 188 AQI and Mundka 141.

Zafar says that the pollution in the capital will not change much in three days. Pollution levels can range from satisfactory to normal conditions. According to IITM Pune, pollution will remain normal on September 19 and 20. Wind speed will be less in the morning and evening. In such a case morning and evening pollution will be more than daytime.

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