Delhi-NCR’s weather has changed rapidly after rains and icy winds, read this weather department forecast for next week

New Delhi: The climate of Delhi-NCR is going to change rapidly. Delhi-NCR’s weather changed on Saturday after light rain in Ghaziabad and icy winds from northwest Delhi. However, this is just the beginning and the mercury will go further down in the next couple of days. By early next week, the mercury will touch 3 degrees in Delhi-NCR. According to the Meteorological Center, the weather will change on Sunday and people will feel colder than before. Delhi, the capital, will have to face the cold again on January 6 and 7.

The Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the people of Delhi will have to face severe cold again from Monday. Delhi may reach up to three degrees Celsius due to cold weather. The IMD informed this on Saturday. The Meteorological Department has said that a cold wave will occur in Delhi-NCR between January 16 and January 18. In some parts of Delhi, the mercury will remain at 3 degrees as it was a few days ago.

On the other hand, Ghaziabad again got chilly on Saturday evening due to light rain. Although the Meteorological Department says that the fog will ease on Sunday as well, Tuesday and next Wednesday will face heavy fog and cold weather. Delhi-NCR experienced severe cold once but it was only for three days and now we will face the same cold again.

The maximum temperature recorded in Delhi on Saturday was 10.2 degrees Celsius, three degrees above normal. Along with this, the sun also rose in the afternoon. Because of this people did not feel so cold during the day, but the weather changed rapidly in the evening. An IMD official said that although the cold weather was abated for a few days due to the Western Disturbance, once the Western Disturbance recedes, the cold winds will start blowing into the plains and its effect will be seen in Delhi as well.

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