Comment: Does the opposition need ‘Kamandal’ vs ‘Mandalam’, an exercise to crack down on Hindus joining BJP’s nationalism?

Bihar Politics: All over the country, including Bihar, political parties are constantly making such statements about Hindus and the faith of Hindus, which hurt the sentiments of the majority community. Now the leaders of Bihar also do not refrain from making objectionable statements about the religious scriptures of Hindus.


  • Opposition wants ‘Kamandalam’ vs ‘Mandalam’ in 2024?
  • Is there an exercise to crush ‘Hindus’ who join BJP’s nationalism?
  • Continuous political speeches against Hindus
  • Questions that arise from Rama to Ramacharitamanas
Neil Kamal, Patna: Reading Ramacharitamanas spreads hatred in society – RJD leader and Bihar Education Minister Chandrasekhar Prasad. Shri Bhagwat Gita also gives knowledge to wage ‘Jihad’ – Congress leader and former Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil. The word Hindu is so ugly that it is shameful to even speak it – a statement by a senior Congress leader. In which room Lord Rama was born – Muslim leader’s statement. Ram Temple is being built on the land of hatred – RJD leader and Bihar President Jagadanand Singh. India is more in danger than Hindus – Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on foreign soil.

Anyone would feel like making statements against Hindus

Since the BJP government at the Center in 2014 and Narendra Damodar Das Modi became the Prime Minister, the opposition political parties, especially the Congress, have opened up against the Prime Minister. Political observers say that until two years after the Modi government was formed at the Centre, the opposition’s rhetoric about Hindus was almost non-existent. At that time, there was a lot of effort to portray the BJP, especially Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, as anti-Muslim. People of the country may have heard the word intolerance for the first time from the mouth of the opposition. All the opposition parties including the Congress said that the situation in India has become unbearable and it is no longer a country worth living in. Literary writers also started returning the awards at that time. But the fact that he did not return the lakhs of rupees received with the award is another matter. After the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, opposition leaders opened a front against the Narendra Modi government and Hindus. After Congress, now many parties don’t even leave scriptures to divide Hindus into castes. The situation has changed now that those who want to hurt Hindu sentiments do not shy away from attacking Hindu Gods and religious scriptures.

Hindus who are divided into castes unite

Political observers say that the BJP has won a huge majority in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. With BJP getting 303 seats, there was talk of Hindus uniting in the name of nationalism. Political experts feel that the majority of people in the country have started to feel that the Hindu faith has been played with for hundreds of years. Narendra Modi’s government not only respects that belief but also works to spread Hindu customs and culture around the world. Seeing this, the opposition began to feel that it would be difficult to win power by buying only the votes of Muslims. Experts say that the opposition is starting to feel that Hindus, divided into castes, are now uniting in the name of nationalism. That is why the opposition has again prepared a strategy to divide Hindus into castes.

The statement by the Education Minister of Bihar is a well thought out strategy

Political observers say that Bihar Education Minister Chandrasekhar Yadav did not immediately make an objectionable statement about Ramcharitamanas. Rather, behind this is the script prepared by the opposition parties in connection with the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Political observers say that the statement of the education minister in Bihar is only part of the script prepared by the opposition for 2024. The scenario prepared in 2024 includes all anti-Modi political parties like Congress, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Janata Dal United, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party. Experts say attacks on Hindus and attempts to break Hindu unity will continue till 2024.

The opposition wants a mandal-kamandal fight against nationalism

Experts say that Narendra Modi’s government is constantly trying to unite the people of the country in terms of nationalism. The opposition also knows that once the Hindus unite, their political shop may also be closed. Political observers say that all the opposition parties, including the Congress, have started to feel that mere appeasement politics will not work. Hence, for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, under a script written by the opposition, the Mahasakhya government in Bihar had decided to conduct caste enumeration. Political observers say that once the caste census is completed, opposition parties will try to divide Hindus by claiming reservation across the country. Because the opposition in the country knows very well that they cannot fight Narendra Modi directly on issues.

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