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As efforts to evacuate people to safer places after houses collapsed in Ke, the speed of the landslide has raised fresh concerns. This information, especially with reference to the Indian Space Agency’s satellite images, has attracted a great deal of public attention, showing a surprising increase in the speed of landfall. According to the report, in the seven months after April 2022, the land subsided by 8.9 cm, while in the 12 days after December 27, a subsidence of 5 cm was recorded. Now, the meaning of this increase in the speed of the landslide and its implications are being debated, and suddenly ISRO’s National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC) has removed the report from its website. ISRO has not said anything about the reasons for this, but a minister in the Uttarakhand government claimed that it happened at his request. Later, after a meeting chaired by the Union Home Minister, the National Disaster Management Authority wrote to 12 government institutions and agencies, including ISRO, advising them to ensure that their experts do not share their observations with the media or social media. Due to this, different types of facts and their different interpretations are coming out regarding the current situation, which the central government says is spreading panic among the people. In the current situation, while the government’s caution about spreading confusion and apprehension among the people is understandable, the big question is how and what kind of measures this government has taken to prevent panic. Will this create a situation? The opposition Congress termed it as an attempt to suppress the truth. But the question remains, why ISRO asked to withdraw the report? Were his satellite images incorrect? And even if ISRO’s satellite images are banned, what will happen to the images sent by satellites of other countries? Wouldn’t ISRO take the case as an attempt to hide information from the world?Secondly, whatever party was in government in Uttarakhand ignored the reports of environmental experts to go ahead with development projects. . It would be better for the government to make the information public so that an open debate can be held among experts and the right way to improve the situation can be found out of it.

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