Chandrasekhar, the former prime minister broke down in tears after his health deteriorated in his parliamentary constituency

New Delhi: Chandrashekhar was the Prime Minister of the country for only 7 months. This is the second shortest term for a prime minister after Charansingh. He was known as the Young Turk. Born into a Rajput family, Chandrasekhar started making his mark in student politics. Dr. He started his political journey with Ram Manohar Lohia. He led the Janata Dal government with the outside support of the Congress. He was the first Prime Minister who had not previously held any government post. That means he directly became the Prime Minister. His fort was Ballia. He was elected to Parliament 8 times from this Parliament seat. This was his birthplace and place of work. Even a year before his death he had gone to Ballia. This was his last visit to Ballia. And I couldn’t hold back seeing the love of people. Thousands of people came to the station to see him. Seeing this, he started crying. He came here in very bad health.

This story is from 10 October 2006. The following year, i.e. 2007, Chandrasekhar died on 8th July. Being the land of birth and work, Balia resided in his heart. People of Ballya also loved Chandrasekaran very much. Chandrasekhar is a man who does not compromise on his principles. His tenure as Prime Minister was very short. It lasted from 10 November 1990 to 21 June 1991. The political situation at that time was very unstable.

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Suddenly Chandrasekhar reached Ballia from Delhi
Chandrasekhar suddenly felt the urge to go to Ballia. His health was not good at that time. He moved from Delhi to Ballia despite his ill health. Many people had gathered at Ballia station even before he arrived. There was no room to store even a mole. After hours of waiting, his train had reached the station. He went to Ballia in a freedom movement train. This crowd started coming there in the coach of the train where Chandrasekhar was sitting. He slowly reached the gate due to ill health. Wear a white kurta. Hands slightly below the chest. He was overwhelmed by the love of people. He started crying. I couldn’t believe how much people still loved him. Seeing him, people calmed down. He was deeply saddened to see his former Prime Minister in such a state.

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Indira Gandhi was shaken by the Padayatra
Chandrasekhar was born in Ibrahimpatti village in Ballia. Satish Chandra graduated from PG College. Then in 1950, he completed his master’s degree from Allahabad University. His political journey started with the socialist movement. Elected as District Secretary of Praja Socialist Party. Within a year, Chandrasekhar became the joint secretary of the party’s state unit. He was in Congress when the Emergency came. Despite this he was arrested and sent to Patiala Jail. On January 6, 1983, he started the Padayatra. From the Vivekananda Memorial in Kanyakumari and ended at the Raj Ghat in Delhi on 25th June 1984. This trip was about 4200 km. This visit shocked even Indira Gandhi.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was called ‘Guruji’.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mentioned about the visit in 2019. Modi had said that Chandrasekhar is not a person who can be forgotten in connection with the book written about him. Today, even a small leader conducts a padayatra, which runs on TV 24 hours a day. On the contrary, Chandrasekhar traveled to India with the village, the poor and the peasants in mind. He had said that Chandrasekhar was a staunch opponent of Panmasala and tobacco. The Prime Minister had said that Chandrashekhar used to address Atal Bihari Vajpayee as Guruji. Chandrasekhar was MP for Ballia eight times since 1977. After the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984, he lost the Lok Sabha elections from Ballia. Another thing is that he never compromised his values.

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