Chambal dreaded bandit arrives at JP’s Patna residence in the middle of the night, shocking connection between the tough and the world hero

Patna : It is said that the path of politics is through opportunism. In time the doors will be open to anyone. Politics has drifted away from morals and concerns. The bouquet of politics ranges from the infamous flower of the gorges to Baahubalis and Rangdars. Everyone’s political ambition has been fulfilled. Some such have reached the hallowed steps of Parliament through politics and were once regarded as wretched and murderous. The political connection of bandits like Fulan Devi and Dadua is discussed. Phoolan Devi came down from the gorge and reached the Parliament. In the world of the infamous and terror-filled canyons, the seeds of political ambition continued to grow. Some plants used to dry in time. Many plants were integrated into the mainstream of society. The story we are about to tell you. This is a 1970s story. When the gun rang continuously in the Chambal Gorge. Bandits were becoming a headache for the government. At that time JP was the universal face of the country. JP’s popularity was not hidden from the eyes of the robbers. The thugs thought that only one person could hear their voice and that was Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan.

Unheard Memoirs of JP

Bihar Legislative Council’s magazine ‘Sakshya’ published an issue in 2016 focusing on JP’s memoirs. This issue discusses some of the more unheard of stories related to JP. We select some interesting stories from those memoirs and present them to you. It will fill you with mystery and excitement. The date was October 1, 1971. Suddenly a tall man came to the residence of Sachida Babu, the secretary of JP’s Kadamkuan and requested. The person said my name is Ram Singh. I am from Madhya Pradesh. I am a forest contractor. I want to meet Jayaprakash Ji. JP’s secretary Sachidababu asks the visitor why you want to meet JP. After that comes the reply from Ram Singh that I want to see him. After that you get the reply that you will come to JP’s residence tomorrow. The next day, Ram Singh arrives at Mahila Charka Samiti, JP’s residence. JP’s secretary Sachidababu introduces him. They say it is Ram Singh. Came from Madhya Pradesh. want to see you

Sometimes social reformer and sometimes Nitish Kumar wants to be PM, is he confused?

1.5 lakh prize scam

JP asks Ram Singh to tell me what is the work. Ram Singh replies that I am a forest contractor in the Chambal valley. I brought you a message from the robbers there. JP asks what is the message. After that Ram Singh said that the rebels of Chambal want to come before you and surrender themselves. JP raises his hands and says you go to Vinobaji for this. Since then Ram Singh has stuck to his opinion. Ram Singh says to JP Babuji, listen to me. This time, not ten-twelve, all the rebels there would surrender. The whole problem in the area will end. In ‘Sakshya’ magazine’s memoir of Chambal robbers, it is stated that JP avoids Ram Singh’s speech. He says again I can’t take this responsibility. You go to Vinoba Ji. Ram Singh says Babuji, we met Vinobaji. He has sent us to you. Suddenly Ram Singh’s attitude changes. Standing tall in front of JP. He says Babuji, I am Madho Singh. The dramatic manner in which Ram Singh contractor Madho Singh appeared as a bandit. JP and his secretary are stunned. After that JP said you have 1.5 lakh reward, still why you took risk to come to me!

She became Chambal’s ‘beauty’ when the bandit fell in love… ‘Kattil Haseena’ who wrote money on the letterhead and asked for ransom.

JP hides the dreaded bandit

Those who established a terror empire in the Chambal valleys. The way the country’s dreaded bandit replied to JP. That incident still shows the shape of JP’s humanistic thinking. Dacoit Madho Singh said, Babuji, I have come to you because we have full faith in you. After that, JP realized that a huge responsibility had come upon him. Finally JP accepted the job. Soon after Madho Singh surrendered to JP. JP was worried about Madho Singh. He did not understand how to protect Madho Singh from the police. Until there is a firm discussion in this regard with the central and state governments. It is being discussed again in the context of ‘evidence’ that this was hidden from the JP government. Madho Singh is under the protection of JP and no one except his wife Prabhavati and secretary Sachidababu know about this. Madho Singh was kept as a patient at Kurji Hospital in Patna for a few days under the name of Ram Singh. Later arrangements were made to hide Madho Singh in Sokhodevara Ashram.

Koyalanchal: A 22-year-old youth who came to Jharia from UP in search of employment has become the Messiah of workers in Koyalanchal.

JP reached Chambal

One day after arranging Madho Singh, J.P. JP said that Vinobaji was a great saint. I am a humble man. I am a servant and I can take on such a huge responsibility only if you give me proper information. What are your needs and expectations? Dacoit Madho Singh at that time opened his mouth and told JP that we want to punish the surrendered rebels as much as possible. No one should be given the death penalty. As long as we are in prison. Government should take responsibility for our children. JP described Madho Singh’s condition as reasonable. After that, J.P. He interacted with the Union Home Minister and Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Everyone’s response was very positive. After that JP went to Chambal Valley and set up peace mission. On December 15, 1971, JP made an appeal to the Chambal rebels. He printed thousands of copies and distributed them in the Chambal Valley. Later he joined the rebels. The local police was helping JP at every stage of this work. The peacekeeping mission was given ample facilities to meet and convince the insurgents in this peace zone.

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