Brad Pitt: ‘Brad Pitt is an abuser…’ Brad Pitt is trending on Twitter, Angelina Jolie’s fans mock!

Hollywood’s power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now separated. Once deeply in love with each other, Brad and Angelina do not hold back from making serious accusations against each other. Both of them often reveal something related to their personal life to everyone’s shock. Brad Pitt was recently spotted at the Golden Globe Awards 2023, where he grabbed attention for his stylish wardrobe. Along with this, Angelina’s fans are mocking her fiercely, why so, let us know.

Actually, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie were sitting next to each other at the Golden Globe Awards. Their off-screen chemistry was much talked about. Fans want both to become a couple. At the same time, Brad is being severely criticized on social media. He is called ‘false’. This is what Angelina Jolie’s fans say.

Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie was jealous of the children’s nanny staring at Brad Pitt in the shower!
Angelina did not attend the Golden Globe Awards show

Please tell me Angelina Jolie did not attend this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Recently spotted shopping with daughter Sahara. Fans missed Angelina a lot at the award show. Everyone knows everything about Angelina and Brad’s divorce. There is a dispute between the two over this.

Misbehaved on the plane

In 2016, there were reports that Brad Pitt misbehaved with his wife and children on a plane. Both filed for divorce in the same year. This couple has 6 children. Brad and Angelina’s flight that year became the talk of the town.

Users mocked Brad Pitt
After seeing Brad at the Golden Globe Awards, one user asked a question on Twitter, ‘Will we ever forget what Brad did to his kids and ex-wife?’ Another user tweeted, ‘Hey let’s praise the abuser. A third wrote: ‘Brad Pitt is an abuser and none of his grown children talk to him, everyone should be told that, but Hollywood is Hollywood.’ Other users called it embarrassing. #BradPittIsAnAbuser is trending on Twitter.

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