Bihar politics: Nitish ‘forced’ to become strong! Why Manju Verma’s strict abstinence?

Nitish Kumar Latest News: Education Minister Chandrasekhar has not given Nitish Kumar the first opportunity to insult one of his ministers. Earlier, Nitish Kumar had come forward to exploit the ministers. Know about Nitish’s ministers and their exploits

Bihar politics: Nitish ‘forced’ to become strong! Why Manju Verma’s strict abstinence?
Patna: Nitish Kumar has often been accused of exploiting ministers. Mevalal Chaudhary and Manju Verma were in trouble when they were ruling with the BJP. He eventually dropped both of them from the cabinet. Then RJD was in the opposition and clamored for it. After forming the government with the grand alliance, multiple exploits of Nitish’s ministers have come to light. It would have annoyed Nitish too that such a situation had arisen because of ministers in the last five months.

Sudhakar and Karthikeyan had to retreat and Chandrasekhar escaped.

Sudhakar Singh and Karthikeya Singh were members of Nitish’s current cabinet. After the allegations came out, both of them resigned following the party’s stand. Chandrasekhar was accused of recovering the bullets, but he remained alive. The same Chandrasekhar himself has made a controversial statement about Ramcharita Manas. Nitish is unable to remove them. Like the two ministers, Nitish is hoping that the RJD will take a decision on Chandrashekhar.
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Sudhakar lost his ministerial post after being accused in the rice scam

On 16 August 2022, Nitish Kumar expanded the cabinet and appointed 31 ministers. Of these, 16 ministers, including Sudhakar Singh and Karthikeya, are from the RJD quota. Apart from Sudhakar Singh, Karthikeya Singh, Chandrashekhar and Surendra Yadav were also found to be tainted among the RJD quota ministers. Sudhakar Singh was made Agriculture Minister. Sudhakar Singh is an MLA from Ramgarh. His father Jagadanand also represented Ramgad assembly constituency 4 times. He was MLA from this seat continuously from 1995 to 2009. Everyone was surprised when Sudhakar Singh was made a minister in the new government when Nitish Kumar, who had filed a case against him in the rice scam, was forced to make him a minister. The rice scam took place in 2013-14. Alleging that he did not deposit the rice, Sudhakar extorted the money. The case is pending before the Judicial Magistrate Court. A case has been registered against him at Ramgad police station itself. RJD Sudhakar was forced to resign when the BJP started uproar over the issue.
Nitish and Tejashwi have a fear of statements in their minds…a fear of the only thing ‘who just said this’.

10 bullets found near Chandrashekhar at Delhi airport

Chandrashekhar, who recently made a controversial statement about Ramcharit Manas and became the center of discussion, grabbed attention soon after becoming a minister for another reason. However, he has remained a minister ever since. He is close to Tejashwi Yadav. Like Sudhakar Singh and Karthikeya, he was not removed from the ministerial post and this time Nitish is confused without taking any action against him. Chandrasekhar Yadav has reached the assembly from Madhepura assembly constituency for the third time. He was arrested on February 20, 2022 from the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in Delhi. There were 10 bullets along with their baggage. He was later released.

Kidnapping case accused Karthikeya Singh becomes Law Minister

Karthikeya Singh from RJD quota also became Law Minister in Nitish’s current cabinet. Following the opposition uproar, he too had to give in to the party’s pressure and resign as a minister. He had an arrest warrant in a 2014 kidnapping case. Mokama has named 16 people, including former MLA Ananth Singh, as accused in the kidnapping case, in which Karthikeya Singh is also an accused. Karthikeya felt that Nitish Kumar’s resignation was appropriate despite the fact that Nitish Kumar had changed his department in view of the allegations.
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Tejashwi and Tej Pratap gave trouble to Nitish

Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, his political adviser Sanjay Yadav and Tejashwi’s elder brother Tej Pratap Yadav have seated his brother-in-law (Misa Bharti’s husband) with him in departmental meetings. Nitish was also criticized for this. Not only this, Nitish Kumar’s party JD(U) MLA Bima Bharti had also come out against her party’s minister Lesy Singh. He accused Lacy of colluding with criminals.

Nitish is removing ministers on such complaints

In the past, when information about the involvement of minister Manju Verma’s husband in the Muzaffarpur shelter home scam came to light, people were surprised when Nitish showed them the way in the face of opposition from the opposition party RJD. Then Education Minister Mevalal Chaudhary was also removed from Nitish Kumar’s cabinet based on the allegations and RJD’s opposition. Also, Nitish had withdrawn his party from the grand coalition government formed in 2015 by Tejashwi Yadav to publicly clarify his allegations. But this time Nitish has weakened and instead of taking action on such complaints, he is procrastinating.
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Along with RJD, Nitish Kumar is also targeting BJP.

This time, instead of RJD, BJP is in the role of opposition. Rajya Sabha member and former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi was allowed a free play by the party on the front foot. Sushil Modi has attacked the Lalu family before this as well. There was a lull in his tweets after he went to the Rajya Sabha, but these days he has become more vocal. This time he is not only an attacker of RJD, but also Nitish Kumar, who is considered his best friend, is also his target. Sushil Modi is also facing accusations of being close to Nitish. Perhaps that is why the BJP’s central leadership kicked him out of Bihar politics and summoned him to Delhi, to rid the party of the influence of his closeness to Nitish.

Nitish was forced to become strong

Nitish Kumar said this while leaving the BJP that he wanted to be freed from the pressure of the BJP. But their condition is still as if they were caught in the palm tree and fell from the palm tree. Firstly, he is already notorious for changing partners again and again. Second, according to the ADR report, 80 percent of his cabinet ministers are tainted. It is not the first time that a state government has not got tainted ministers, but Nitish’s style is different in this regard. He is changing ministers when allegations arise. Yes, it’s different this time.
Report- Omprakash Ashk

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