Bihar BJP: Angry against Lalan Singh, Vijay Kumar Sinha said- Politics of intrigue and deceit is going on against Prashant Kishore.

Bihar BJP lashed out again against Lalan Singh for Prashant Kishore’s visit. Leader of Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha said that the people of Bihar are intelligent and will understand who their benefactor is.

Patna: Leader of Opposition in Bihar Assembly Vijayakumar Sinha lashed out at Janata Dal United (JDU) National President Lalan Singh. He said this is the same game Nitish Kumar played with Lalan Singh a decade ago. Lalan Singh is playing the same game with Nitish Kumar today.

Once Adi went to count his teeth
Vijayakumar Sinha attacked Lalan Singh by saying that he too once went to count Nitish Kumar’s teeth. There was a lot of tension and people used to say that Lalan Babu was deliberately sacked by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar so that as long as he spoke against him, his vote would be consolidated.
Entry of ‘PP’ in Bihar politics, ‘SP vs DP’ between Lalan Singh and Sushil Modi.
Prashant will join Kishore again
Lalan Singh has this experience, the way he created the atmosphere against the Chief Minister in 2010, see the result of the atmosphere he created. How he later went and begged for forgiveness and reunited with him. Today Prashant Kishore has been sent by the same people, linking the atmosphere with BJP, he will join them tomorrow. It is the medium of their politics full of malice and deceit.

Nitish Kumar said talks are going on with opposition parties and all people will meet together in Delhi.

The democracy gene in every child’s DNA
The Leader of the Opposition said that the people of Bihar are politically mature and this is a land of democracy. Here the genes of democracy are embedded in the DNA of every child. Who is the enemy of Bihar’s cultural genius, who is trying to tarnish Bihar, whose mentality is to be sickened, will be decided by the next election on this issue.

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