Bigg Boss 16: Tina rips off Shaleen’s respect, see her own collar too! It didn’t happen that way

Tina Dutta’s recent comments about Shaleen Bhanot in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ may have spiced up the show, but it’s really embarrassing. Tina Dutta, who was said to be in love with Shaleen, was seen demolishing Shaleen’s character. Whenever people said that Tina’s feelings for Shaleen were fake, she kept saying that she loved Shaleen. As Shaleen began to lean into Tina, Tina pulled away from him. Now seeing what they have done, Tina seems to be filled with hatred towards Shaleen. It was so disgusting to see Tina Dutta slinging mud at Shaleen’s character on national television. Even when she said ‘na na’, she even made users angry. People are furious with Tina Dutta on social media. He described Tina’s act as shameful and very bad.

Affair-breakups happen to everyone. Everyone’s heart breaks. But doesn’t this mean you are publicly slandering someone’s character? Tina Dutta later kept saying that she was never in love with Shalin Bhanot and that they had no future together. But was there a soft corner as a friend? Something to do with humanity? Does that relationship allow you to destroy the dignity of others on national television? Also watch Tina Dutta’s collar where she throws mud at Shaleen’s character in front of everyone. He was also seen talking a lot about Sumbul to Priyanka Chaudhary.

Tina’s dirty work

No one has the right to tarnish someone’s character no matter how serious the situation. However, Shaleen Bhanot is also not a sheriff. A lot has also been said about Tina in the show. Ever since the fight started, Shaleen has been going to other housemates and talking bad to Tina. But that didn’t happen when Shaleen tore into Tina’s character on the show. Perhaps this is the difference between Shaleen and Tina.

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Tina’s ‘dirty’ things about Shaleen

In a recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Tina Dutta said in front of Priyanka that Shaleen had asked her such a bad thing and she couldn’t even say it on camera. Priyanka and Tina were gossiping in the room in the dark of night. Then Tina said dirty things about Shaleen, which she had a hard time opening up about. Not only this, Tina said about the bathroom, this incident happened twice, that too at the same time. While saying these things, Tina repeatedly looked at the camera and later asked Bigg Boss not to take it on-air.

Why did you talk when you couldn’t say it on camera?

Tina is out to do bad things and Priyanka Chaudhary is not far behind. She was repeatedly scolding Tina about what Shaleen had asked her. What was the worst thing she couldn’t say? When Tina refuses to say that there is a camera, Priyanka tries to provoke her by saying that even Shaleen has said so much about her. And what’s the problem with telling Tina? Now the question arises from Tina Dutta, when you know that you can’t say anything on camera and want nothing to be air-aired, then why are you saying all this about Shaleen?

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‘Ras Leela’ done by yourself or by others?

Was there a need to expose one’s private life on camera? You’re a girl, and if someone says something petty to you, you take issue with it. ‘Woman card’… ‘Sipanti card’, don’t know what cards you start playing. Think what you would have done if Shaleen Bhanot or anyone else had said such things about your personal life? Whatever Shaleen Bhanot was in real life, on the show, she never lifted a finger on the character of a woman or a female contestant like Tina Dutta did. On the contrary, it is Shaleen who stands by Tina at every opportunity.

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Sumbul’s character was also hurled mud

Tina Dutta has left no stone unturned to insult Shail. Not only respectfully but he made personal comments about every second third contestant in the Bigg Boss house. The first target was Sumbul Tauqeer Khan. His name is associated with Shaleen. Later he tried to make love with Shaleen. When Shaleen started falling in love with Tina, Tina was ‘image conscious’ and distanced herself from Shaleen, saying nothing would happen between us. We are just friends. Then when two guests came to the house, Tina and Shaleen said your game is over. We’re tired of this romance angle of yours, so Tina showed her real attitude. But this attitude should not weigh on Tina Dutta. Hopefully the topic will come up in this weekend’s battle and Tina Dutta’s class will take place.

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