Bigg Boss 16 Abdu Rosick: Why Abdu Rosick got kicked out of Bigg Boss 16, Chhote Bhaijaan said who will be the winner of the show?

Bigg Boss 16’s cutest and cutest contestants have been evicted from the show. Why Abdu Rojik is out of the show will be known soon in the episode. Now it is reported that he has left Bigg Boss due to professional commitments. Hasn’t been kicked off the show or kicked out for low votes. Whatever the reason may be, Abdu Samarik will no longer be seen on the show. Its pain has been widely seen on social media. Fans are clamoring for only one thing to bring Chhote Bhaijaan back on the show. Anyone can cry if they see Shiv Mandali crying after Abdu’s departure. Abdu Rogic’s video is now out. He left the show and said who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 16.

After coming out of Bigg Boss 16, Abdu Rosik was seen in a luxury car. He met all the paparazzi and thanked everyone. In his cute style, Abdu thanked his fans for showering him with so much love. Meanwhile, when reporters asked Abdu who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 16, he took the name of his favorite contestant while remaining friendly.

Who did Abdu Rogic tell the winner of Bigg Boss 16?
Abdu Rogic called Shiv Thackeray the winner of Bigg Boss 16. He also goes by the name MC Stan. Time will tell who will be the winner of this season but Abdu will no longer be seen in the show. Chhota Bhaijaan fans will soon catch him on Manish Paul’s podcast. He was seen only during its shooting.

BB 16 Ranking: Who is the best contestant in Bigg Boss 16? Priyanka lashed out at Abdu when Shiv Thackeray’s ranking dropped

Abdu Rogic’s ranking

The ranking list of Ormax was released recently. In this list, the most popular contestants of this week are mentioned. Abdu Roji got the third place here. Shiv Thackeray was number four.

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