BB 16 Ranking: Who is the best contestant in Bigg Boss 16? Priyanka lashed out at Abdu when Shiv Thackeray’s ranking dropped

The grand finale of Bigg Boss 16 is one month away. A day like this has become very special for the contestants. Fans of these contestants are very active on social media. Strong support for their favorite star. It is in such a situation that the list of popular contestants of Bigg Boss 16 has come out this week. It is anyone’s guess which contestant is currently ruling the hearts of the audience. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary won a spot this week while Shiv Thackeray faced another setback. Let us tell you who is the most popular contestant in Bigg Boss 16 this week and who faced the biggest setback.

Who is the number one contestant in Bigg Boss 16?

Ormax released this list of Bigg Boss 16 from January 7 to January 13, 2023. According to this, MC Stan rules everyone’s heart. He is the most popular contestant in the house. Rapper Stan beat popular contestants Shiva and Priyanka to claim the top spot. While Abdu Roji suffered a setback in this list, Tina Jaas Ki Tas remains at the fifth position.

Priyanka Chaudhary came second

Priyanka Chahar Chowdhury is in the second position. Priyanka played a decent game last week. When Farah Khan took a stand on the Shaleen-Tina issue, she also called Deepika Padukone of Bigg Boss. In such a situation, all these steps benefited Priyanka (Priyanka Chahar Choudhary). Priyanka, who was at the third position last week, improved by one position to the second position this week.

Abdu Rosik and Shiv Thackeray

Bigg Boss 16’s Abdu Rosick, who will be evicted from the show this week, is in third place. Meanwhile, Shiv Thackeray is at the fourth position. Shiv Thackeray has been at number one in this list for weeks, but in the last two weeks he has been at number three and number four. Had to settle for fourth rank this week too. Next week is likely to do well.

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Tina Dutta is also running

Talk about 5th position in the ranking of Bigg Boss 16 and then she is at 5th position. Tina Dutta is at it once again. He had the same stance last week. Tina Dutta and Shaleen’s current issue adds a lot of spice to the show. This is the reason why it is in the top five.

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