Aslam, a Bangladeshi, was arrested from Gomatinagar, Lucknow, with a prize money of Rs 1 lakh, and the police had been searching for him for 15 months.

Lucknow: Bangladeshi criminal Aslam was arrested from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The police had been searching for Aslam for almost 15 months. Aslam is the accomplice of Hamza, a Bangladeshi bandit. In October 2021, Hamza was killed by the police in an encounter under the Sahara Hospital flyover. At that time, Aslam’s name also surfaced as a member of his gang. Since then there was an altercation between the police and Aslam. Finally, Aslam was caught from Gomatinagar itself. This victory was achieved by the Chinhut Police. East DCP Hridesh Kumar announced the arrest of Aslam in a press conference. The encounter of Hamza was on 17 October 2021. An altercation took place with Hamza local police and DCP East Crime Team on the railway track near Sahara Hospital. Constables Mukesh Chaudhary, Aryan Shukla and Narendra Bahadur were shot in this encounter.

The search for Aslam was on since the Hamza encounter in October 2021. From Lucknow to Varanasi, the police were involved in the search for him. Here he has robbery, robbery and other serious cases against him. About Aslam’s arrest, ADCP East Syed Ali Abbas said that he was arrested from near Kisan 10 under Chinhut police station limits. There was a reward of Rs 1 lakh in his name. Aslam Khan is a resident of Pandaria Village, Chaur Khali, Barsal District, Bangladesh. With his arrest, the police will succeed in busting the criminal network.

Chinhut police laid a trap

Aslam’s tip was received by the Chinhut police. After receiving information that the man was hiding in the area, the police swooped in. A team of Chinhut Inspector Anil Kumar Pandey, Crime Branch Inspector Satish Kumar Sahu and Sivanand Mishra has laid siege. After this, he was arrested near Kisan Path. The search is on for Aslam’s accomplices Naseer alias Naseer, Noor Islam, Suman and Shaheen. All of them are Bangladeshis. After Aslam’s arrest, the police are gathering information about the incidents and associates of Aslam’s gang.

That was the modus operandi

Aslam gang’s method of committing crimes is different. He used to break into shops and houses with his accomplices. Crime Branch Inspector Satish Sahu said that they had taken the women hostage as part of the protest. Because of this, the people in the house did not rob them. These people also used to misbehave with women. After carrying out the incidents, they were running on the railway line. Dilapidated buildings around the railway tracks were their hideouts.

These people had another strategy to avoid being caught by the police. They used to catch the victim during the day and caught the victim at night. During interrogation, Aslam admitted that he used to leave the city after committing massive robberies.

The robbers were traveling by plane

After major robbery incidents, the robbers used to seek the help of airplanes to leave the city. Because of this, no one can doubt him. These people also resorted to trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi in case of non-availability of flight tickets. This time Aslam came to meet his colleagues. His accomplices Ravibul and Bilal are in Gosaiganj District Jail. As he could not see, he was going to stay at a place in Chinhut. Arrested in the meantime.

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